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ARB Deluxe Bull Bar

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June 172 minute read

Bull bars do a variety of tasks, however for us the number one job is safety. In an urban setting modern crumple zones do a wonderful job of protecting the occupants of the vehicle once. Unfortunately for the many of us that travel to remote places without adequate protection a simple event like an animal strike can leave our vehicles inoperable. At best this can be expensive and cut a much needed holiday short, however at worst this can leave us stranded a long way from help. For modern vehicles with airbags quality bars are compatible, so your ANCAP Safety Rating will remain intact and your precious cargo will remain safe!

arb deluxe bull bar 1

Although heavy, nothing resists impact like steel. We opt for full frontal protection over the Sahara style bars that protect the radiator and lower items but not items higher like lights and batteries.

arb deluxe bull bar 2

Sturdy steel bars are also a solid platform for mounting communication antennas, driving lights and winches. Quality bars usually come with sturdy mounting points which enables accessories to be mounted with ease, and that are built to withstand the rigour of vibrations from rough roads.  Winches can exert extreme forces and absolutely must have a solid mounting.

arb deluxe bull bar 3

The build quality of ARB’s Deluxe Bar ticks our “built to last” box, we don’t see one of these letting you down.

arb deluxe bull bar 4

Finally and most importantly a good bull bar has to do all of the above and preferably improve your vehicles performance at the same time. By this we are referring to the departure angles and clearances. You will see on the 100, 76, Prado and Pajero above that the underside of the bull bar is swept up as much as each vehicle will allow.

arb deluxe bull bar 5

For more details visit ARB.

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