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April 91 minute read

If you’re heading to Birdsville to cross the Simpson desert, grab a camel pie, or cool down with an outback pint, the Birdsville Track has to be one of the most stunning ways there. 

Birdsville Track 1
Birdsville Track 2
Birdsville Track 3
Birdsville Track 4

From Marree the track splits the Tirari and Stzelecki Deserts on it’s way north.

The Lake Harry Homestead ruins are the remnants of a failed 1890s attempt to plant 2,000 date palms.

Birdsville Track 5
Birdsville Track 6

At the Clayton River campsite or Mugerannie, you can indulge in a luxurious outback hot tub experience.

Birdsville Track 7

The beer is cold at the Mungerannie Hotel Roadhouse. In addition to camping and showers, they also have the only fuel on the track, although you may be waiting awhile for your Big Mac.

Birdsville Track 8

After reading the tales of the legendary mail man Tom Kruse, Marty was hell bent on firing up the Leyland Badger and following in Tom’s footsteps. It is safe to say that he did not get very far.

Birdsville Track 9

While the bumpy track is more an outback highway than a technical track, it still makes great driving.

Birdsville Track 10
Birdsville Track 11
Birdsville Track 12

With swags rolled atop a slight rise, the views were forever. It’s places like these that have the most clear and star filled night skies.

Birdsville Track 13

The northern stretch of the Birdsville Track traverses just east of the Simpson desert and the only way to get closer is to cross it!

Birdsville Track 14
Birdsville Track 15
Mike Collister

Mike Collister

Mike has spent his life outdoors - he has represented Australia as a slalom kayaker, guided whitewater expeditions in Nepal, and taught outdoor education and wilderness medicine. He’s paddled the Kimberley’s Fitzroy River in the wet season and across the Bass Strait, and is an avid photographer, overlander and camper.
Mike Collister

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