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With the keys to a Suzuki Jimny press car in hand, a set of the new MAXTRAX Minis arrived at the perfect time to get... Read More
Suzuki Jimny 1

Suzuki Jimny

There’s something about a boxy 4x4 that just seems right for embarking on an adventure. The Suzuki Jimny seems to... Read More
Ultimate's LandCruiser 200 Series 2

Ultimate’s LandCruiser 200 Series

There’s some impressive 200 Series builds out there, and this team have put together a vehicle that might just be... Read More


LandCruiser 70s are one of the few new vehicles on the market still built truly tough. With a powerful factory diesel... Read More
Cel-Fi GO Mobile 4

Cel-Fi GO Mobile

Highly recommended to us, and promising to amplify mobile signal a whopping 70dB, it was time to install a Cel-Fi GO... Read More
Soft Shackles 5

Soft Shackles

Comparing hard shackles to their soft siblings is perhaps a simpler process than we initially imagined.The... Read More
REDARC RedVision 6

REDARC RedVision

The new REDARC RedVision is commonly known as a Total Vehicle Management System or TVMS. We’ll dive into the details... Read More


Adjusting tyre pressures can be chore. The benefits of doing so are well written about and rarely disputed, so we'll... Read More
Deadman Earth Anchor 8

Deadman Earth Anchor

To test gear that's designed to get you unstuck, you first need to get stuck. With hard tyres, we disengaged 4WD and... Read More
Our 76 Series Build 9

Our 76 Series Build

Before I dive into the details of our build, I thought I'd share what we're planning to do with the vehicle. More than... Read More
Old Man Emu BP51 Shock Absorbers 10

Old Man Emu BP51 Shock Absorbers

One of our biggest concerns in buying a 76 Series LandCruiser was comfort on extended trips. With fingers crossed, we... Read More
Long Ranger Fuel Tanks 11

Long Ranger Fuel Tanks

In a vast country like Australia it would make sense if vehicles marketed as true 4x4s included high volume fuel tanks... Read More


We fitted our LandCruiser with Toyo’s new Open Country Rugged Terrains (RTs) some 18,000 kilometres ago. They’ve... Read More


This year we're taking a look at some pretty special 4x4s from across the globe. We love seeing how different... Read More
Airbag Man Rear Air Suspension 14

Airbag Man Rear Air Suspension

From day trips, to towing duties and expedition style trips; if you are anything like us the rear load in your four... Read More


There’s a reason the iconic snorkel graces so many four wheel drives; without one, even the hardiest engine is just... Read More
NEW Rola Titan Tray 16

NEW Rola Titan Tray

Lighter, lower, effortlessly accessorised, and tough as nails, it’s no surprise that slimline alloy racks are... Read More
Overlanding Power 17

Overlanding Power

Most overland travellers say their dual battery system is one of the vehicle upgrades they’d be least willing to... Read More
MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness 18

MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness

MAXTRAX have come to our rescue many times, so when our roof rack is loaded the Rear Wheel Harness is the perfect way... Read More


There are plenty of reasons why we look to our engines to deliver more power. For us the standout is the ability to... Read More
ARB Jump Starter 20

ARB Jump Starter

While portable jump starters aren't new, ones that we'd consider packing for overland travel are. While primarily a... Read More
Club 4x4 Insurance 21

Club 4×4 Insurance

Outsiders often struggle to understand the obsession many of us have, that incessant need to build up our four wheel... Read More
RV Lithium Systems Custom 180Ah 22

RV Lithium Systems Custom 180Ah

We spend lots of time off grid, and while our previous vehicle had a good power system installed, it simply lacked... Read More
RFI CDQ5000 UHF CB Antenna 23

RFI CDQ5000 UHF CB Antenna

UHF CB antennas need little introduction. They are the vital like between our trusty radios and the chatter of... Read More
Bollinger B1 24

Bollinger B1

With the last Defender rolling off the Land Rover line in 2016, the Landcruiser '76 Series is now one of the last... Read More


As we travel along that remote beach or down a road to anywhere, it is amazing how quickly the worries of our routine... Read More
Avoiding Blowouts 26

Avoiding Blowouts

Of the long list of things that can strand us far from everywhere, it’s a little underwhelming that many experts put... Read More
Rola Titan Tray 27

Rola Titan Tray

There's more choice of roof racks today than ever before. However, if you're looking for a rack that's... Read More
Recovery gear, where to start? 28

Recovery gear, where to start?

With electric winches, hand winches, wheel winches, shovels, exhaust jacks, hi-lift jacks, snatch straps and more -... Read More
Low Pressures for Touring? 29

Low Pressures for Touring?

Most people are well versed with the benefits of running low air pressures in sand, technical and muddy terrain.... Read More

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