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With the keys to a Suzuki Jimny press car in hand, a set of the new MAXTRAX Minis arrived at the perfect time to get... Read More
Soft Shackles 1

Soft Shackles

Comparing hard shackles to their soft siblings is perhaps a simpler process than we initially imagined.The... Read More


Adjusting tyre pressures can be chore. The benefits of doing so are well written about and rarely disputed, so we'll... Read More
Deadman Earth Anchor 3

Deadman Earth Anchor

To test gear that's designed to get you unstuck, you first need to get stuck. With hard tyres, we disengaged 4WD and... Read More
MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness 4

MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness

MAXTRAX have come to our rescue many times, so when our roof rack is loaded the Rear Wheel Harness is the perfect way... Read More
ARB Jump Starter 5

ARB Jump Starter

While portable jump starters aren't new, ones that we'd consider packing for overland travel are. While primarily a... Read More


As we travel along that remote beach or down a road to anywhere, it is amazing how quickly the worries of our routine... Read More
Avoiding Blowouts 7

Avoiding Blowouts

Of the long list of things that can strand us far from everywhere, it’s a little underwhelming that many experts put... Read More
Recovery gear, where to start? 8

Recovery gear, where to start?

With electric winches, hand winches, wheel winches, shovels, exhaust jacks, hi-lift jacks, snatch straps and more -... Read More
Low Pressures for Touring? 9

Low Pressures for Touring?

Most people are well versed with the benefits of running low air pressures in sand, technical and muddy terrain.... Read More

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