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December 193 minute read

Lighter, lower, effortlessly accessorised, and tough as nails, it’s no surprise that slimline alloy racks are increasingly becoming the rack of choice.

NEW Rola Titan Tray 1

There’s a few quality offerings in the slimline market, and you’re likely to have little trouble from any of the top brands. Selecting between them usually comes to down which feature set best suits your needs.

NEW Rola Titan Tray 2

The Rola Titan Tray is unique in that it mounts on top of cross bars. It can stay mounted full-time or it’s an easy one person job to remove, still leaving simple crossbars for urban duties.

NEW Rola Titan Tray 3

We tested the original Titan Tray earlier in the year, and we recently mounted their newest version to see the improvements. The original was a great rack, and it’s always pleasing to see brands continuing to refine their products.

NEW Rola Titan Tray 4

The new Rola Titan Tray is 150% strong due to newly engineered internal supports and corners. If your vehicle’s roof can handle it, the Titan Tray can now hold 300kg as a static load (parked) – think a rooftop tent and people. Rola have also made some sizing adjustments across the range.

NEW Rola Titan Tray 5
NEW Rola Titan Tray 6

One of the biggest attractions of platform trays is how easy it is to mount accessories, and to configure them to suit all of the different trips we all like to do.

NEW Rola Titan Tray 7

Rola have a range of sturdy stainless steel accessories to mount awnings, axes, shovels, gas bottles, high lift jacks, jerry cans, light bars, recovery tracks and spare wheels. These suit both the original and updated tray. They also have optional side and front rails. We’ve even managed to mount our Rola Hull Cradles for carrying sea kayaks.

NEW Rola Titan Tray 8

The accessories all mount with a T bolt that can be positioned anywhere along the T channels which seems similar across brands. Rola have quite cleverly added T channels in the side edges of the tray, and on the top there are left to right channels as well as the usual lengthwise ones.

These extra channels simply offer more options. The light bar bracket, for example, mounts really in the front edge channel.

The Titan Trays come in 1.2m x 1.2m, 1.5m x 1.2m, 1.8m x 1.2 and 2m x 1.4m.

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Mike Collister

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