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RFI CDQ5000 UHF CB Antenna 1

RFI CDQ5000 UHF CB Antenna

UHF CB antennas need little introduction. They are the vital like between our trusty radios and the chatter of... Read More
Great Central Road 2

Great Central Road

We tiptoed onto the dirt and toward camp. Eager to escape our city lives in Perth quickly we'd made an early start,... Read More
Airing down, a chore? 3

Airing down, a chore?

Air pressures can be a hot topic and the debate over correct pressures for varied conditions will likely continue... Read More
Bollinger B1 4

Bollinger B1

With the last Defender rolling off the Land Rover line in 2016, the Landcruiser '76 Series is now one of the last... Read More
Sand Recoveries 5

Sand Recoveries

Keen to hone our sand recovery skills we headed to Lancelin north or Perth.First up we wanted to set up a good... Read More


As we travel along that remote beach or down a road to anywhere, it is amazing how quickly the worries of our routine... Read More
Avoiding Blowouts 7

Avoiding Blowouts

Of the long list of things that can strand us far from everywhere, it’s a little underwhelming that many experts put... Read More
Rola Titan Tray 8

Rola Titan Tray

There's more choice of roof racks today than ever before. However, if you're looking for a rack that's... Read More
Moroccan Sahara 9

Moroccan Sahara

“Sinuhe, we are in Morocco. If anything happens we’ll just take a taxi back to Lisbon. Portuguese style.” This... Read More
Birdsville Track 10

Birdsville Track

If you're heading to Birdsville to cross the Simpson desert, grab a camel pie, or cool down with an outback pint, the... Read More
Point D'Entrecasteaux to Black Point 11

Point D’Entrecasteaux to Black Point

D'Entrecasteaux National Park is a long and stunning coastal park. Point D'Entrecasteaux is it's rough midpoint, and... Read More
Recovery gear, where to start? 12

Recovery gear, where to start?

With electric winches, hand winches, wheel winches, shovels, exhaust jacks, hi-lift jacks, snatch straps and more -... Read More
Eyre Bird Observatory to Madura 13

Eyre Bird Observatory to Madura

Australia's south is fast becoming one of my favourite places. We had an unforgettable trip hugging the Great... Read More
Strzelecki Track 14

Strzelecki Track

The Strzelecki Track crosses a vast landscape, and it's this vastness that is the biggest appeal of the track in... Read More
Sturt National Park 15

Sturt National Park

Birdsville, The Strzelecki Track, The Dig Tree - if these icons are on your list you'll be in the area - and it's... Read More
Low Pressures for Touring? 16

Low Pressures for Touring?

Most people are well versed with the benefits of running low air pressures in sand, technical and muddy terrain.... Read More


A handheld radio is a great item to carry in your 4WD. They make life easy - guiding wheel placements on tricky... Read More
Staying Charged 18

Staying Charged

Whilst unplugging is a common goal of hitting the road, staying charged is often a vital part of the journey.For... Read More
Icom IC-450 UHF CB 19

Icom IC-450 UHF CB

The radio bursts to life. Awake from dormancy, and awakening the memories of previous adventure.Today we take... Read More
Birdsville 20


Birdsville is an iconic central Australian town perched on the edge of the Simpson Desert. There is not much there,... Read More
ARB Adventure Light 21

ARB Adventure Light

Nooks and crannies seem as difficult to light as they are to work within. ARB have taken on this challenge with the... Read More
Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges 22

Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges

You can get to South Australia's Vulkathuna-Gammon Ranges National Park and the neighboring Arkaroola Wildlife... Read More
Flinders Ranges 23

Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges National Park is probably one of the better known of the National Parks of Australia. It was... Read More
Holland Track 24

Holland Track

Western Australia's Holland Track is a local classic. Famed for twisting and slippery tracks, stunning camping and... Read More
ARB Track Pack 25

ARB Track Pack

Time outdoors is often a chance to reconnect with the natural world. It can also be a mud riddled, lizard filled... Read More
Hema HX-1 26

Hema HX-1

Paper maps certainly provide bonnet size context and power free back up - however modern GPS units like the Hema HX-1... Read More
REDARC 700W Inverter 27

REDARC 700W Inverter

Keeping a 4WD power system all 12V is surely the simplest option, and it's the most frugal with your batteries too.... Read More


I still remember the aha moment when we purchased our first fridge. Fresh food and cold beer is great, you'd think it... Read More
Great Australian Bight 29

Great Australian Bight

It is rare that a trip exceeds our every expectation – however this trip did exactly that. To escape the winter... Read More
Dirk Hartog Island 30

Dirk Hartog Island

The twin outboards revved loudly before the bow of the ferry slid free of the mainland. We backed in to deeper waters... Read More

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