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Quick Pitch Awning; 20 seconds, no pegs

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December 23 minute read

You’ve arrived someplace stunning, and within a few moments the Quick Pitch awning is up, it’s time to relax.

quick pitch awning 1

The Quick Pitch awning, the Weathershade, is the easiest to set up that we’ve tried.

First up, it’s a matter of unzipping the big and undoing the velcro straps and letting the awning hang down.

Quick Pitch Awning
Quick Pitch Awning
Quick Pitch Awning

From here, walk the awning around the back of the vehicle. Run the end of this strap around your roof rack, clip it back on itself and tension the cam strap to get the awning nice and taught.

Quick Pitch Awning
Quick Pitch Awning
Quick Pitch Awning

Finally, raise the leg, which adds the final tension to the fabric and aids with drainage in the wet.

Importantly, one person can easily pack away this awning too, and it goes easily back in the bag.

Quick Pitch Awning

The Quick Pitch awning has 5 legs, 4 are 2.4m, and 1 is 1.7m; this creates an enormous 15 square metres of shade.

The rear tailgate area is well covered. The leading edge of the awning has a zipper for accommodating walls which we are told are coming soon. Whether it’s one wall to block sun or wind or a full set to keep foul conditions or bugs at bay; walls are always a handy option.

Quick Pitch Awning

While this is a legless design, it does come with one leg for windy conditions. Each arm also has a guy strap cleverly poked instead. So if the wind does get strong, it’s easy to add support by securing the outer edge.

Quick Pitch Awning
Quick Pitch Awning

The team at Quick Pitch undoubtedly build sturdy gear. The quality of the stainless hinge is reassuring, this is an area that bears the brunt of the load.

The silver-coated canvas is exceptionally effective. We had a full day of 40° plus under this at the recent Perth 4WD Show, and yes it was hot, but with the extra height underneath the awning and the reflection, it was surprisingly effective.

The storage bag is also well designed, high quality and utilises genuine YKK brand zippers and the stowed length is 2575mm.

Quick Pitch Awning
Quick Pitch Awning

While free-standing awnings are hard to beat, they are only as strong as their weakest point, which in most cases is mounting.

Quick Pitch offers equally strong brackets to suit a range of popular touring platform roof racks. They also build custom brackets (where possible) to suit other racks like our crossbars.

Quick Pitch Awning

At 28 kg the Quick Pitch awning is heavier than most 270-degree awnings that rely on legs. Still, we can see that this awning would be used considerably more often, making it worth every kilo.

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