Great Australian Bight

To escape the winter crowds heading north, we turned our wheels in the opposite direction. Inspired by an image of the vast Bilbunya Dunes we hit the maps. We settled on an off-road route from Cocklebiddy, near the SA/WA border, west along the Great Australian Bight, through the Bilbunya Dunes and finally on to Esperance.

Jetboil MiniMo

From their launch in 2001 Jetboil stoves have been about the fastest and easiest stoves around. With the addition of a regulator in their MiniMo they have also mastered the art of the simmer, opening up a world of culinary creation.    

Crossing Mongolia by Canoe

Standing cold beside a frozen river was not the ideal start to a 1,200km canoe journey. Just as doubts set in Zogo, the driver, appeared with Vodka. After cup three Martin and Kerryn were warm and on their way, dragging their canoe behind them! 

Hema Explorer App

Maps are key to exploration, and when we’re at the wheel there’s nothing easier than having our location, plans, and entire map collection all overlaid and at our fingertips.

Hema Explorer Cloud

The rugged coastline of the Great Australian Bight promises a great adventure. The powerful Southern Ocean collides in to the long lines of cliffs and longer white beaches.


For those new to MAXTRAX they are 115cm x 33cm ramps that are simply placed or dug in under the tyres of a bogged 4WD. Once in place the vehicle can usually simply drive out and on to harder ground. The beauty is in their effectiveness and simplicity. 

SKUK Explorer 3 Piece

She's equally happy enjoying international views from the front seat of a smart car and the lively waters of Corsica's rugged west coast as when she's island hopping the length of Fiji's Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, "Peaches" has broadened my paddling horizons.

D'Entrecasteaux NP

A mysterious foreign name, the proximity to the wild Southern Ocean, a promise of both forests and white uncrowded beaches alike - D’Entrecasteaux National Park in Australia’s South West was beckoning!