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South West Waters

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November 274 minute read

The joy of travelling is often the collection of micro adventures along the way. In the warmer months we are always drawn to the cooling winds and waters of the sea, and after a day on the road few rewards are greater than getting out on the water to explore.

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The Southern Ocean is often hostile, but where it pokes between the rocks lie some of Australia’s most stunning inlets.

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While some have boat ramps or launch spots, many do not. This is where smaller craft like canoes and kayaks come in to their own. In a matter of minutes it’s easy to be unloaded and away.  

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The waters of Waychinicup Inlet are pristine. The mouth of the inlet is deep and built from rock, so unlike other waterways it does not seasonally block with sand. The surging Southern Ocean freely pumps the inlet clean, the water is so clear!

South West Waters 6

The rugged and rocky hills climb steeply from the ocean, and it’s their presence that really makes this place so special.

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South West Waters 8

The rocky shoreline is mesmerising and is home to shady hideaways to escape the midday sun, and warm rocks to lay upon after a refreshing dip.

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South West Waters 10
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If your heading away this summer pack your canoe, it will make your time camping places like this that little bit more special.

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