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Some of the biggest global adventure brands choose to partner with Adventure Curated to connect with an adventurous audience on a truly unique platform.


Our rapidly growing audience engages with our content across platforms. It includes 50,000+ monthly article reads on adventurecurated.com, 75,000+ Facebook followers, 35,000+ Instagram followers, 20,000+ subscribers to our email newsletter and 3,800+ members of our Community Facebook Group.

Our readers are fellow adventurers. They share our passion, and they trust and share our content.

Our new Trip Planner App, which launches in January, will see travellers creating their bucket lists and planning their own trips on our site and App. From inspiration and tips, to actually planning and executing trips, for our audience Adventure Curated is comprehensive. It’s an impactful place for brands to be.

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The REDARC Team are delighted to partner with Mike & Gen Collister and the Adventure Curated Team because we share their passion “to inspire adventure and protect the wild”.  They are genuine, trusted and adventurous spirits that can take our brand message and values to a wider audience with incredible enthusiasm.

We are exceptionally proud of the innovative way Adventure Curated create content and material to inspire both seasoned explorers as well as those new to adventurous travel.  Their ability to advise, encourage and support their followers to create memories that last a lifetime resonates strongly with our Australian heritage to embrace possibility. 

Anthony Kittel, Managing Director, REDARC


We focus on high-quality equipment and offer a range of options to suit a variety of brands and support important campaigns like new product releases.

If you think your brand may be a good fit with Adventure Curated please tell us a bit about your company and what you’re looking for, and we’ll reach out with next steps.