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REDARC Manager 30 1

REDARC Manager 30

Off grid camping and travelling can be a replenishing experience. The REDARC Manager 30 puts 'easy' into power... Read More
Drifta Dot 6 Hard Top 2

Drifta Dot 6 Hard Top

In July we towed a DRIFTA DOT 6 SOFT TOP to the tip of Dirk Hartog Island. It was a pleasure to test, but since the... Read More
Drifta Camper Trailer Kitchen 3

Drifta Camper Trailer Kitchen

Of all the different things that people enjoy most when towing a camper trailer, we are prepared to bet that an... Read More
Camper Recovery 4

Camper Recovery

Haul a trailer far enough and chances are you may get stuck. This day we were just arriving at our isolated campsite... Read More
REDARC Tow-Pro Elite 5

REDARC Tow-Pro Elite

Connecting a trailer can dramatically alter the performance of our vehicles. Being able to stop safely is... Read More
Drifta Dot 6 Soft Top 6

Drifta Dot 6 Soft Top

Since first spotting the rugged looking DOT I was impressed by what seemed to be an ‘over engineer first’ and... Read More
Overloaded? It might be time to tow 7

Overloaded? It might be time to tow

Towing isn't for everyone or for everywhere, but if it's a struggle to squeeze everything in (and on), or you're... Read More

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