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February 272 minute read

Easy, healthy and delicious, barbecue dinners are hard to beat. It’s no surprise that compact barbecues and hot plates are such a popular camp kitchen addition.

Snow Peak BBQ Box 1

While gas barbecues do work really well, if you haven’t tried cooking on charcoal it’s worth a go – it’s addictive. The heat is different, and when using quality charcoal food chars and flavours superbly.

Charcoal barbecues are easy to get going with the help of a charcoal starter. With a couple of fire starters placed underneath and about 30 minutes you’ll have a load of hot coals ready for cooking. The Snow Peak BBQ Box has a lever on the side that raises and lowers the charcoal tray to allow temperature control. 

Snow Peak BBQ Box 2
Snow Peak BBQ Box 3

The Snow Peak BBQ Box can be used on any table with the included legs. 

Snow Peak BBQ Box 4

It’s also designed to sit flush with the modular Snow Peak Iron Grill Table system for those using that camp kitchen system.

Snow Peak BBQ Box 5

With the optional bridge it can also be used with the Snow Peak Jikaro Table.

Snow Peak BBQ Box 6

The lid is perfecting for creating a small oven for cooking things like thicker steaks.

Snow Peak BBQ Box 7

With dinner out the way the remaining charcoal is perfect for whipping up simple jaffle iron desserts. 

Snow Peak BBQ Box 8

The Snow Peak BBQ Box is made from stainless steel and weighs in at 5.1kg and measures a very packable 360 x 250 x 190mm.

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Mike Collister

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