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September 93 minute read

Fires draw us in. The centre of camp they are a place to gather, cook and warm. They create home when away from home. 

Snow Peak Fire Pit

The Snow Peak Fire Pit is built in Japan. Made from stainless steel they are constructed to last. Their simple design packs flat and small. Of the three sizes available (small, medium and large) we choose to travel with the large one and find it a great all-purpose size.

Snow Peak Fire Pit

With ventilation holes in the sides, the fires light and burn effortlessly. With chairs close, the warmth is great and conversations are easy with everybody around the fire.

Snow Peak Fire Pit

There are endless options and accessories for cooking on the firepit. The bridge fits on top and is a platform for either a grill or hotplate. We use the grill lots, and love to cook our steaks, sausages, kebabs and vegetables straight on top. The grill also holds pots well and we often cook over the flames like this instead of using our gas stove. The bridge has different height settings, so with welding gloves on we can adjust the heat easily. There is also a tripod available for hanging pots above and even a pizza oven that fits on top!

Snow Peak Fire Pit

With restrictions or scarce timber in coastal areas we are increasingly choosing to carry firewood on many of our trips. One of the biggest benefits of our fire pit is how frugle it is with firewood. On a couple of recent trips a bag of hard wood lasted us for a whole week. A decent ground fire would easily use this same amount of timber in one night!

For us it has meant beautiful fires on trips when we may otherwise have gone without.

One of the downsides to campfires, in general, is the wake of rocks and coals that are often left behind. We are advocates of the Leave No Trace principles, and our fire pit makes it easy to minimise the impacts of campfires. We aim to burn forearm-sized logs that leave behind fine ash rather than coals. In the morning we find some place discrete and dig a hole. We then simply carry the fire pit over and tip in the remaining ash and bury it.

Snow Peak Fire Pit

The other benefit of the Snow Peak Fire Pit is that the fire is up off the ground. The fragile surface is less likely to be damaged and there is an optional base plate that assists even more with this. Being partially contained the fire is also less likely to spread. 

Snow Peak Fire Pit

The Snow Peak Fire Pit has, for us, made the wonderful experience of campfires better. 

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Mike Collister

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