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Organising Your 4×4 With Navigator Gear

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October 19 8 minute read

Headlamps and maps, sunnies and pens; it’s hard to find a home for all your gear. It’s here Navigator step in with organisers to create a space for almost everything.

For the Driver

The Navigator Dashboard Buddy is slim, so it doesn’t block the view or make the driver’s position feel too crowded. The pouches have padding under the top side, which makes for an ideal place to slide sunnies.

Navigator Gear

The pouches are also the right size for phones, headlamps or a note pad. Beside them is a couple of pen holders.

The Navigator Dashboard Buddy attaches with adhesive Velcro. It’s the genuine Velcro brand which translates to both the adhesive and the Velcro holding fast. It’s quick to mount and easy to remove for cleaning.

Navigator Gear

The Navigator Visor Buddy attaches with two elastic straps. A pocket at one end is ideal for small items like business cards or a compass. I’ve tucked my compact tape measure in there.

The criss-cross elastic is popular in tech organisers. It’s versatile and great for pens, chargers a car park ticket – lots of things!

Navigator Gear

Seat Organisers

If you travel as two or your rear-seat passengers, don’t yet need full legroom seatback organisers can offer a cavernous amount of storage. They’re ideal for lots of the smaller things that are hard to find a place for that is still easy to get too.

Navigator’s seat organiser starts with the Build It – Seat Buddy. This organiser attaches to the seat via clips around the headrest and base. It has a large bottom pocket which is perfect for guidebooks and maps or kids’ books. In the middle are three more roomy pockets and up top is an iPad strap and MOLLE style webbing for adding your accessories or Navigator options.

Navigator Gear
navigator 1

The Build-It Pocket Buddy clips in place providing three more pockets. These are ideal for torches, radios, PLBs, recovery gear – all the small gear that’s good to have handy.

Navigator Gear

The other option is the Build It – Kids Pocket Buddy. There’s a place for storing kids iPads, books and a water bottle.

Navigator Gear

Hoses & Cables

The Navigator Utility Buddy is a versatile storage bag for items like pegs, guy ropes, hoses and cords. It comes with Velcro labels so you can easily show what’s inside.

navigator 2
Navigator Gear

The Utility Buddy accommodates for 10-15 metres of hose. We carry a much shorter length of hose for filling our LandCruiser’s water tanks so we can fit other gear in our Utility Buddy too. We take a 240-volt extension cord and the cable for our solar blanket all in the same bag.

navigator 3

Inside the Utility Buddy is a central pouch. It’s a creative use of space and stops those easy to lose items, like connectors and spares, from escaping.

Navigator Gear

Navigator Shovel

The best shovel is the one you have with you. While a long-handled, steel blade shovel is hard to beat, these shovels can be heavy and awkward to carry depending on your setup.

Navigator Gear

For those looking for something lighter, the Navigator Shovel Buddy is a four-piece option made from anodised aluminium. It comes with a slim bag that’s just 44cm long and will easily fit in any drawer.

Navigator Gear

It’s surprisingly sturdy, and the broad blade moves lots of earth. The T handle allows you to reach far beneath the vehicle to clear dirt during recovery and it’s ideal for around camp too.

Navigator Gear

Stool & Bin

The Navigator Nowhere Flip Stool is compact; two easily fit above other gear in a drawer. They are sturdy and rated to 125kg. The swivel feet adapt to the terrain and importantly are broad, which means they sink less in soft ground.

Navigator Gear
Navigator Gear

While this stool is unlikely to be the only seat you’ll travel with, it’s perfect for breaks, day trips from base camp and doubles as a seat for camp guests and a footstool.

Navigator Gear

 The Navigator Mini Bin Buddy packs flat which makes it easy to keep on hand. The internal supports velcro in place quickly making a sturdy bin for lunch stops.

Navigator Gear

Learn More

For more information and dimensions, visit Navigator.

Mike Collister has spent his life outdoors. He has represented Australia as a slalom kayaker, guided whitewater expeditions in Nepal, and taught outdoor education and wilderness medicine. He’s paddled the Kimberley’s Fitzroy River in the wet season and across the Bass Strait and is an avid photographer, overlander and camper.