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Fail-proof Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator

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June 28 4 minute read

70 Series LandCruisers are one of the burliest 4x4s on the market, but they come with a few flaws; the alternator positioning is one.

The Problem

Toyota parts have an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. In the case of the 70 Series range of V8 diesel LandCruisers, it’s not the quality of the alternator that’s an issue; it’s the location.

Like most, the 70 Series LandCruiser OEM alternator is air-cooled. The issue is that they are vulnerable to water, dust and especially mud.

Toyota 70 Series Alternator

In the 70 Series, it’s exacerbated; the alternators are at the very bottom of the engine bay. It’s a location that makes them more susceptible to contamination and failure than most 4x4s, but it also makes it difficult to clean them in the field. At some point too, cleaning may not work, and no power means no drive.

Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator

The Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator

The Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator is a bolt-in replacement. While the new alternator stays in the same location, it’s a fully sealed replacement.

Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator

These alternators plumb into the engine coolant system. It allows them to cool without any exposure to external contaminants. Designed to withstand highly corrosive and dusty mine site usage means for travel, they are satisfactorily over-engineered.

Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator

Additional Benefits

The Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator is a high output low RPM alternator. It produces 150 Amps at maximum and also provides high Amps at idle. If you are using a 50 Amp charge like the REDARC BCDC1250D or are interested in upgrading to lithium batteries and faster chargers as more options come to market, then this alternator is ready.

Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator

Build Quality

While this alternator plays well in the grime and will offer higher outputs, especially at low RPM, it doesn’t come cheap.

What it does provide is insurance. Insurance that your Cruiser won’t come to an alternator caused standstill.

These are superbly built piece of equipment. The housings are fully machined 6000 series aluminium, and all steel parts are double zinc coated. They are a brush-less design, and the bearings have frictionless labyrinth seals to keep dust and water out.

Rapid Power 70 Series Sealed Alternator

70 Series LandCruisers can last many years of rough travel; these alternators will keep up for every one of them.

Where To Buy

Thanks to Ultimate 4WD Equipment in Perth for the installation.

70 Series LandCruisers & Accessories

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