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79 Series LandCruiser – Portals, +300mm, 35s & ARMAX ECU

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September 30 7 minute read

When Kris decided to set up his latest 4×4, a 79 Series LandCruiser, he knew exactly what he wanted, and went all in.

LandCruiser 79 Series


By adding 300mm to the chassis while keeping a standard length canopy this Cruiser has far better weight distribution than many. There is more weight forward of the rear axle and far less rear overhang.

The vehicle sits well proportioned, and the rear suspension works all the better for the extra chassis length. It seemed to shoulder the load through some steep and slippery high country tracks with ease.

This extension was carried out by MultiDrive Technology in Victoria.

LandCruiser 79 Series
LandCruiser 79 Series

79 Series LandCruiser Portal Axles

Beneath this super-tough 79 Series LandCruiser lies Marks 4WD Portal Axles. For those new to portal axles, they allow an additional 6″ increase in ground clearance beneath the differential when used in conjunction with 35″ tyres.

These portals also increase the front track 80mm and match the narrower rear wheel track of the 70 Series out to the width of the front. The resulting vehicle has additional stability and enviable clearance beneath the diffs.

LandCruiser 79 Series
LandCruiser 79 Series
LandCruiser 79 Series


With the driveline to go everywhere, Kris needed the power to match. To safely draw the most power from the 79 Series LandCruiser’s V8 diesel he fitted the Safari ARMAX ECU.

Is insurance against failure someplace remote, he also replaced the factory Toyota clutch with Safari ARMAX Heavy Duty Clutch.

LandCruiser 79 Series

Toyota’s factory raised air intakes aren’t water sealed, so this was replaced with a Safari ARMAX Snorkel that is both sealed and provides around 50% more airflow into the big capacity diesel.

LandCruiser 79 Series

Between the ground clearance and the power, this rig made light work of everything we encountered over our time exploring the high country.

79 Series LandCruiser
79 Series LandCruiser

Tyres & Suspension

This Cruiser is riding on the ARB Old Man Emu BP51 Shock Absorbers, coil and leaf suspension. We run the same in our 76 Series, they perform well and certainly bring some comfort to the agricultural 70 Series.

79 Series LandCruiser

Gripping the tracks are the popular BFGoodrich KM3 in size 35″.

79 Series LandCruiser 
LandCruiser 79 Series


Kris has protected his vehicle with ARB Bull Bar, Side Rails and Steps. He’s also fitted an ARB Recovery Point and Warn Zeon Winch.

79 Series LandCruiser 
79 Series LandCruiser

For increased range, a 180 litre ARB Frontier Tank has been fitted.

79 Series LandCruiser 


Kris is the Australian importer for iKamper and on this trip, his Cruiser was fitted with a prototype of the X-Cover rooftop tent.

79 Series LandCruiser

Twin upright Engels are easy to reach on this big 4×4, and they provide plenty of room to keep the family fed on their regular trips, including recent trips into the High Country and the Simpson Desert.

79 Series LandCruiser 

It’s great to see a Cruiser that’s this modified still so well suited to exploring Australia, and it’s even better that it spends lots of time doing so.

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