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Pull pro-quality​ shots with the ROK Espresso Maker

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August 6 5 minute read

Quality camp coffee is essential, and if the ROK Espresso Maker can’t get the job done, we’re not sure what will!

rok espresso maker 1

Brewing filter coffee when travelling is convenient and quick however options to make espresso-based drinks are increasing in popularity due to the popularity of the brewing style amongst coffee lovers.

rok espresso maker 2


It all starts with freshly-roasted coffee from your favourite coffee roaster. We adjusted the ROK Coffee Grinder (AUS | US) for a fine grind (think table salt size) and started to crank.

rok espresso maker 3

Using the ROK Coffee Grinder (AUS | US) is simple; it remains stable on any flat surface thanks to the weighty base and non-slip padding. While holding the bottom with one hand, crank with the other.

rok espresso maker 4

How does the ROK Espresso Maker work?

Gently dose the ROK Espresso Maker (AUS | US) portafilter basket with the coffee grinds and ‘level off’ the basket, taking a moment to enjoy the aroma.

rok espresso maker 5

We tamped the basket of grinds using the ROK tamper which has a solid feel and quality finish. Keeping the tamper as level as possible will result in better extractions of coffee.

rok espresso maker 6

Lock the portafilter basket into the ROK Espresso Maker (AUS | US) by mating up the portafilter notches to the machine and locking clockwise. Fill the water chamber with boiling water.

rok espresso maker 7
rok espresso maker 8

Typically espresso is not brewed with boiling water but we lose some temperature when the boiling water hits the water chamber providing an ideal extraction temperature.

rok espresso maker 9

With the hot water in the water chamber, raise the levers of the ROK Espresso Maker and pause for around 10 or 20 seconds to allow the water to soak the coffee before extraction.

ROK Espresso Maker

The shot

Press down evenly to extract the shot. The quality of the extraction all depends on the fineness of the coffee grinds. Fortunately we managed a great extraction on the first brew and it tasted great!

Top up your espresso with hot water for a long-black, or just enjoy straight espresso! Perhaps a flat-white is your favourite, add milk.

rok espresso maker 10

Clean up is simple, release the portafilter from the ROK Espresso Maker and eject any remaining water into the drip tray or another vessel.

It is hard to beat the ROK Espresso Maker for quality espresso while travelling. While bulkier than other brewers, it looks great and the results are excellent. We think the result in the cup is comparable to a quality home espresso machine.

Photographs by Mike Collister.

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