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New 15,540 Raw Lumens Lightforce Genesis Pro LED Lights

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February 12 4 minute read

There are a plethora of LED driving lights available; at the quality end of the market, the new Lightforce Genesis Pro is a reliable option. We take them for a spin to see how they perform.

Lightforce Genesis
Lightforce Genesis

For Australian conditions, we always recommend quality over quantity. One sturdy pair of high-end driving lights will likely outlast, and be a wiser long-term choice, than large amounts of driving lights and light bars that are built to an entry-level price point.

The Lightforce Genesis Pro driving lights are built in South Australia. Lightforce customers are supported by quality customer service, 3-year warranty, and an extensive international dealer network.

Lightforce Genesis

Lightforce Genesis Pro Build Quality

Each Genesis Pro is built using 37 quality Lumileds LEDs. The output is 15,540 Raw Lumens.

The housings are made from lightweight diecast aluminium which is finished with a UV treated powder coat. The lens is fitted with polycarbonate filters for additional protection.

A Gore membrane allows the internal airspace to adapt to changing temperatures and altitudes without compromising the IP69K water and dust resistance rating.

At 73mm, these lights are slim, making them easy to mount to most bars.

Lightforce Genesis

Lighting Performance

These days driving lights produce lots of light. If the light is too harsh, it can be tiring on the eyes and reflective off metallic objects like signs and the bonnet.

Better quality LEDs are less prone to do this, and the chosen colour temperature is an important factor. These lights have a colour temperature of 5000k, which is within the optimal range, and they achieve that vital balance of being bright yet comfortable on the eyes.

When talking light performance, it’s essential to look at useable light. While a pair of Lightforce Genesis Pro lights can reach 1,800m into the distance, a more relevant measurement is that they can achieve an illuminance of 1 lux (lumens per square metre) at 1,119m. That’s an impressive amount of light for a considerable distance.

Lightforce Genesis
Lightforce Genesis

Varying Terrain

We tested the Genesis Pro on the open highway, on overgrown tracks, corrugated sand and the beach. In each terrain, and with no additional lighting other than the OEM Toyota LandCruiser high beam lights, they performed exceptionally well.

Lightforce Genesis
Lightforce Genesis

With the HID aided distance performance of their premium HTX2, quality all-round quality lighting with the Genesis Pro and growing range of light bars, the Lightforce range is worth exploring.

Lightforce Genesis

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