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REDARC SmartCharge 240V battery charger

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December 165 minute read

4x4s, campers, boats and motorbikes; toys that are ready to go, get used the most. REDARC’s new 240V battery charger, the SmartCharge, makes keeping all of your batteries topped up a breeze.

240v battery charger 1

The SmartCharge automatically detects, and safely charges, all common battery types including lithium. This means it can easily be moved from your boat to your camper or caravan without the need to adjust any settings and without the risk of damaging your batteries.

240v battery charger 2

The range includes a 4A, 6A, 8A and 10A models as well as 30A model for time-poor showrooms and workshops.

240v battery charger 3

While bigger is faster, those with motorbikes or jet skis will need to look at the 4A or 6A model to ensure the battery size matches with the recommended safe range.

240v battery charger 4

Like most 240v battery chargers, the REDARC SmartCharge has the option of clipping it on to the battery and connecting it to a 240V power source.

One-touch on the front and it will analyse and then build to the top charge rate. When the battery is full, it will float, and if you leave the charger connected, it will then sleep for a week before repeating the charging cycle.

240v battery charger 5

Uniquely, the clips of the SmartCharge can be unplugged and replaced with an optional cigarette socket connection

240v battery charger 6

With this connection in place, a charge can be pushed back into any connected batteries. It’s quicker than popping the bonnet, and for campers or boats with batteries that are harder to access it can be an option.

240v battery charger 7

A third connection option for using the SmartCharge is another accessory, a battery terminal to cigarette socket mount. Again for toys that have batteries that are difficult to reach, one of these kits can be permanently mounted. It’s an easy way to install an accessible input for the charger.

240v battery charger 8

The SmartCharge 240V battery charger packs away neatly, with the 240V cord wrapping around the body of the charger and the plug storing in the recess on the back of the unit. The charging cords also wrap in designated slots around the body and the clips store on mounts on each side. It’s a compact unit and is easily small enough to travel with.

240v battery charger 9
240v battery charger 10

The SmartCharge is made in partnership with the Norwegian company, DEFA, is IP65 weather-rated comes with a 5-year warranty.

The REDARC Manager 30 is an alternative for those looking to integrate 240V charging, DC to DC and solar charging all into one unit.

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