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Snow Peak Field Oven

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November 194 minute read

With a crispy slice of piping hot pizza in one hand, and an icy cold beer in the other, the sun disappeared over Cliffy Head, it was hard to imagine any place on earth better.

snow peak field oven 1

The Snow Peak Field Oven is just that, an oven. It’s an accessory for the large Snow Peak Fire Pit, produces mean pizzas, and no doubt opens the door to no end of oven based camp creations.

snow peak field oven 2

Drifta have made a sturdy canvas bag to make it easy to transport. The accessories fit inside the oven, and for us the bag slides neatly beside our 4×4 drawers.

snow peak field oven 3

The oven also comes with a ceramic pizza plate which has a coating to reduce sticking and a padded storage sleeve. Also included is a handy lifter which makes light work of handling the hot plate.

snow peak field oven 4

For camping we aim to keep things easy so bought quality store bought pizza bases. We topped them with passata, which is nice and light, and then ham, mozzarella and greens.

snow peak field oven 5

It’s important to pre-warm ceramic pizza plates. It prevents them from cracking and is key to a crispy base!

snow peak field oven 6

When the fire had burnt down it was time to cook. We slid the pizza straight on to the ceramic atop the oven, and then used the handle to place it inside the oven.

snow peak field oven 7
snow peak field oven 8

It’s easy to check progress by having a quick peek, and about fifteen minutes later our pizza was ready to go. With that smoky fire flavour it was devoured in no time, and round two was on the way!

snow peak field oven 9
snow peak field oven 10

Meals from the fire are hard to beat, and we’re loving having another option on the camp menu!

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