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Snow Peak H300 Titanium Mug

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October 33 minute read

With Snow Peak etched on the front in Kanji writing, matte titanium finish, minimalist form and ultra fine insulated walls – the H300 was an instant favourite FOR EVERYTHING!  

snow peak h300 titanium mug 1

The morning coffee ready for consumption.


Material                 Titanium

Weight                   76g/2.7oz

Dimensions           Diameter 76mm/3″ Height 86mm/3.4″

Volume                  300mm/10.5fl oz

Sizes                      H200, H300, H450, H600, H860 – Stacking in to size above. 

Made In                 Japan

snow peak h300 titanium mug 2

Glowing under the warm light of the Mini Hozuki.

The insulated dual walls work well to keep drinks both hot and cold as well as to stop your lips from being burnt, which is a con of single walled metal mugs. 

Most insulated mugs are really chunky, however the H300 has thin walls which help to keep it really compact. 

snow peak h300 titanium mug 3

Dry cider effervescing.

The construction although light seems sturdy, which is the key benefit of using titanium. It has stood up well to initial use and with Snow Peak’s track record for quality I can see this mug lasting the distance.

snow peak h300 titanium mug 4

H300 lidded.

The optional lid is made from BPA free abs and silicon resins and weighs in at 26g/0.9oz. It’s great for keep your drink warmer for longer – especially handy on those crisp and or windy mornings.

The lids are also great for containing spills on the road. The H300 fits perfectly under the portafilter of my espresso machine at home as well as in the cup holders of my Prado so fitted with a lid it’s a great mug for hitting the road with. 

snow peak h300 titanium mug 5

Camp coffee.

Gorgeous, light and durable, coffee, tea, beer, cider, wine, single malt – this mug is so versatile!

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