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Snow Peak Micro Cast Iron Oven

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May 114 minute read

Iron and fire. In a world that has changed so much, it’s often the things that have changed little that can be the most cathartic.

snow peak micro cast iron oven 1

Cooking with fire is one such thing, and today we’re going to have a look at one of the smaller ovens in the Snow Peak range – the Micro Oval Cast Iron Oven.

While our Snow Peak CS26 is perfect for bigger groups and meals, sometimes we are just two, and this is where the Micro Oval shines.

Cast Iron is typically hard to pack. Drifta’s optional slim Bootliner Bags are perfect for eliminating rattles and protecting the oven and the items that surround it.

snow peak micro cast iron oven 2
snow peak micro cast iron oven 3

Cast in Japan, the quality of the iron is incredible. The lid has an incredible seal to keep in the heat. The lid can also be used separately as a small grill that we bet will outperform any pan in your collection.

snow peak micro cast iron oven 4
snow peak micro cast iron oven 5
snow peak micro cast iron oven 6
snow peak micro cast iron oven 7

The micro oven is perfect for stews, mini roasts and more. A lot of ideas just don’t quite work out in the larger ovens, so we’re looking forward to experimenting more to see what this oven can do.

snow peak micro cast iron oven 8
snow peak micro cast iron oven 9

Alternatively you can forget savoury altogether and focus on desserts instead. Perhaps a dedicated dessert oven?

Luke knocked up this apple crumble while we were out on the Holland Track. The top was crunchy and golden brown – it was incredible!

snow peak micro cast iron oven 10

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