Blueberry and Custard Pastries

Blueberry and Custard Pastries

A hot dessert is the perfect end to any camp meal. These pastries are as easy as they are scrumptious - let's take a look at how they come together.



  • Fresh blueberries (any berries would work - fresh, frozen or freeze dried).

  • Organic custard - not too sweet (a thicker style is best).

  • Puff pastry.


  • Jaffle iron. Ours is the Snow Peak Tramezzino Grill.

  • Bed of coals (gas burner is fine too). Here we are using the Snow Peak BBQ Box.

  • Spray oil (or alternative).



  1. Lightly coat the jaffle iron with spray oil.

  2. Trim a base layer of pastry and lay it in to position.

  3. Dollop in a portion of custard being careful not to overload your iron.

  4. Place in the blueberries.

  5. Trim a top layer of pastry and lay it in place.



  1. Seal the jaffle iron and lay it in the coals.

  2. It's best to cook these for longer on a cooler heat to prevent the outside burning and to make sure the inside cooks through.

  3. Check one side is golden brown and then rotate.


This dessert is delicious, easy and needs so few ingredients. We'd love to hear some of your favourite camp desserts in the comments section below.

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