Snow Peak Cutting Board Set

Snow Peak Cutting Board Set

With clever Japanese design, this chopping board folds down the middle on stainless steel hinges to enclose a full size chefs knife, neatly held in place by a powerful magnet.

The recesses are cleverly cut to accommodate both the knife and the offset rubber feet. 

With a fold and then latch this large board halves in size and is ready for packing, protecting the sharp knife from damage.

The blade glides through everything that challenges it, and it would appear the timber's firmness has been chosen purposefully not to hasten the dulling of the edge.


Even when not camping we travel with our set, always ready to snack. Mmm, the cheese from Tasmania's Bruny Island is amazing!



Material                 Board: Natural Wood, Stainless Steel (hinge), Rubber (feet)
                               Knife: Hycarbon Vanadium Stainless Steel, Black Laminated Wood (handle)

Weight                   850g/30oz

Dimensions           Length 36cm/14.1" Width 23.6cm/9.25"" Height 1.8cm/0.7"

Stowed                  Length 36cm/14.2" Width 11.8cm/4.6" Height 3.2cm/1.2"

Includes                 Chopping Board, Knife

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