Snow Peak Low Beach Chair

Snow Peak Low Beach Chair

When it came time for new chairs for our camping setup there were a few requirements for would be contenders to meet:

  1. Ergonomic - our previous chairs (it would seem along with many chairs of all brands, sizes and prices) had a very curved lumbar region. This can lead to slouching and back pain, especially no good on that big road trip. This Snow Peak Low Beach Chair is much squarer where the chair back and base meet, which means you can seat your bum right back and keep your lumbar region nice and straight - looking after your back.
  2. Sturdy - this one's a no brainer, and the Japanese design is clever and as strong as we have seen, tick!
  3. Simple - being fans of simple and minimalist design it's great to see a chair without all the fruit. No insulated cup holders here - just a great chair.
  4. Comfortable - as well as being ergonomic the canvas is really breathable, much more so than the coated nylons of many seats. Perfect for hot summers!
  5. Compact - although not the smallest chair when stowed, this chair packs down respectably small (exact dimensions are below), and is much smaller than most. 
  6. Stylish - Well judge us if you like, however hanging around a camp with a little style makes camping all the more fun!


Material                 Bamboo Handles, Aluminium, Canvas, Stainless Steel

Weight                   3.5kg/8lb

Dimensions           Length 82.3cm/32.4" Width 54.9cm/21.6" Height 66cm/26"
                              Seat Height 30cm/11.8"

Stowed                  Length 101.6cm/40" Width 16.5cm/6.5" Height 16cm/6.3"

Volume                  300mm/10.5fl oz

Includes                 Canvas carry case

For more info head over to Drifta.


We searched wide and think the Snow Peak Low Beach chair is among the best. It's versatile enough to get extra use from urban adventures like outdoor cinema nights or fish and chip dinners by the beach.

It's off to a great start and if it is built to last, like it appears to be, we are looking forward to many years of adventuring together.

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