Ultimate's LandCruiser 200 Series

Ultimate's LandCruiser 200 Series

There’s some impressive 200 Series builds out there, and this team have put together a vehicle that might just be right up there with the best of them.


We came across this build in it’s early stages when the team at Ultimate were fitting a Safari ARMAX ECU and ARMAX Clutch on our LandCruiser 76 Series. It was finished late last year and we recently had a chance to get away with Ultimate’s owner, Russell, to see what it was capable of.


Like our 76 Series, this 200 is fitted with a Safari ARMAX ECU, ARMAX snorkel and a performance DPF back exhaust.


With the ECU switched to Mode 4 (Traction Assist), the twin turbo V8 diesel muscle is instructed to double down on low end torque delivery. At 3,300kg empty, this Cruiser should not like soft sand, but it’s amazing what a little extra muscle can do!


With power to spare delivered by a smooth auto box this vehicle was an absolute pleasure to drive. It was far more responsive and playful than perhaps a vehicle of this size and weight ought to be.


Performance aside, let’s dive in and have a look at some of the highlights of this build.

This vehicle is a factory graphite colour. The matte finish is courtesy of a MADinc XPEL self-healing protective film. It’s a striking finish, and the film really does self heal!


It’s protected with quality steel from ARB, Kaymar and TJM.


The Lovells Suspension rides superbly, and upgrades the GVM to 3,800kg and the GCM to 7,800kg.


Fuel Vectors are wrapped with BFGoodrich KO2s.


Ultimate have developed a clever Power Distribution Module which integrates with the factory touch screen and allows for the control of every electrical accessory, along with visual representation and some useful data. It’s impressive, and it helps to keep the dash clean.


This LandCruiser has no shortage of lighting with Lightforce HTX hybrid lights up front. On the Rhino platform rack is a light bar at the front and four ROK lights at the sides. A Darche Eclipse wing style awning is also at the ready.


In the rear quarter panel this 200 Series has an ARB Twin Compressor and tank making great use of dead space.


The secondary power system is charged by a REDARC BCDC1225D which is neatly tucked out the way, and on the cooler side of the engine bay.


The rear is nicely organised with RV Storage Solutions drawers, which has Russell’s trusty Engel.


It was great to have the opportunity to drive this vehicle, and to see it in action. While it’s accessory list is long, one of the things that’s most impressive about this vehicle is how many of those details have been hidden from view. The result is a 200 Series with a lot, that looks clean and feels uncluttered.

But what’s most impressive about Ultimate’s 200 Series is with that twin-turbo V8 and the ARMAX ECU a 3,300kg vehicle that can tow like a truck, can still perform on soft, steep sand!

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