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    Escaping the responsibilities of everyday life isn’t easy. The Adventure Curated app brings fun to the planning process and is the perfect place to document your dream trips and get organised so they happen!

    The Adventure Curated app is an iOS, macOS, Android and Web app. One subscription works on every device, ready for you wherever you are.

  • GEAR

    The Adventure Curated app helps you get your gear adventure ready and keep it that way.

    You can mark your gear's status as ready, repair, buy or sell. Between adventures you can see what gear needs work to make it easy to avoid last minute stress.

    Within the app you can edit your gear categories, subcategories and storage locations to ensure everything has a place and is easy to find in your physical storage locations.

    Use the Proof of Ownership features to upload information to assist in the event of insurance and warranty claims.

    Use your gear to effortless make packing lists for each adventure and save weights for each item to activate advanced packing list features.


    A lifetime of adventure starts with a head full of ideas. The Adventure Curated app makes it easy to document your Bucket List and plan to make each adventure a reality!

    Organising one Bucket List adventure each year is a great goal and these trips are often some of the best times of our lives.

    In the Adventure Curated app you can plan your Itinerary and Budget for each adventure, ensure your gear is ready to go and much more.


    When we look back on our best years of adventure, they're usually filled with day missions, weekenders and quick weeks away.

    The Adventure Curated app is a great place to plan your year of adventure.

    In the app you can organise your gear so it's always ready to go and plan each adventure using the app's simple or advanced planning features.


    The Adventure Curated app is a tool to assist you in getting organised and staying organised. The idea is not to only get ready for one trip but many.

    You can categorise and organise your gear and easily see what needs repairing or purchasing between trips.

    You can also make lists of your favourite meals and food to avoid reinventing the wheel and to utilise the easy packing list and super handy shopping list creation feature – we’ll explain that in Meals below.


    Weight is critical to every mode of travel. For hikers, bikepackers and paddlers, heavier than necessary loads drain the joy from trips and can lead to exhaustion, injury or worse.

    For remote 4×4 trips, overload often leads to broken componentry and extensive recovery and repair bills.

    Excess weight significantly impacts stopping distances, steering, stability and your centre of gravity if you tow a camper trailer, caravan or boat.

    The Weights section of Trip Planner is unique and allows you to see the immediate impact on your load as you add and subtract items from your packing lists.

    It allows you to get the weight right in advance and avoid the last-minute hassle of repacking if you weigh just before heading off and are overloaded.


    The Adventure Curated app allows you to select the Mode of Travel for each trip.

    This creates tailored packing locations and activates valuable data in the Weights tab of the trip.

    For instance, if you choose 4×4 Towing Camper, you can pack gear and food in either your 4×4 or Camper and see the weight breakdown and if you exceed GVM/GVWR, GTM or GCM. It’s similar for 4×4, 4×4 Towing Caravan and 4×4 Towing Boat.

    Another example is choosing Hiking. This will allow you to pack items into any traveller’s base weight or consumables and see their total pack weight.

    If you choose Air +, this will allow you to see the carry-on and up to three checked bag weights for each traveller to ensure you avoid excess baggage charges.


    To activate the weight features mentioned above for motorised trips, save your 4×4, camper trailer, caravan, boat and adventure motorbike specifications in the Garage.

    What’s needed is real-world data. For instance, rather than the factory figures for your 4×4, you need the empty weight, including all your accessories like bull bars, roof racks, and the upgraded GVM/GVWR (if not standard).

    If you are towing, you will also need the GCM of the tow vehicle, the empty weight of your camper trailer or caravan, and the GTM and the ball weight when loaded.

    It gets a bit complicated, but don’t worry. Trip Planner helps explain the terminology, has a place to save every relevant weight (including travellers and fuel) and lays the weights out in an easy-to-understand manner.


    In Meals, you can save your go-to breakfasts, lunches and dinners, along with a list of the ingredients you will need to cook them.

    Where Trip Planner gets clever is within the Meals section of each trip, you can select how many of each meal you want. For instance, if you’re heading away for 20 days, you could select four as the quantity for your five favourites for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and your meal plan is done.

    Even better, the Adventure Curated app then consolidates all of these ingredients into an easy shopping list ready for you to hit the supermarket.

  • FOOD

    The Food feature covers everything that isn’t covered in Meals and can also be used if you’d prefer to plan your meals in a pantry style rather than by set meals.

    It is also the place to list your consumable items, for instance, gas canisters for your stove, coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks, and items like toilet paper.

    With your usual items saved, you can select how many of each item you will need for each trip from this list in the Food Planning feature of each Trip.

    Within each Trip, you will see a bought column that allows you to use your plan as a shopping list.


    The Adventure Curated app is not a navigation or a campsite app. It has many genuinely unique features and is one of the best trip planner apps on the market.

    The Itinerary feature allows you to document your trip day by day, including your travel, activities and where you plan to stay. You can also upload files daily, such as booking confirmations, permits and flights. These are then at your fingertips and ready when you need them.


    Trips can often seem unattainable from a financial and time perspective.

    The Adventure Curated app includes a Budget feature which makes it easy to estimate and plan the cost of your future trips.

    Once you know the cost of a trip, you have a goal, and you can make small daily choices to help save for the trip and even additional funds for unpaid leave, if necessary.

    You may surprise yourself with what you can achieve quickly and on a finite budget once you have a focus.


    The Adventure Curated app is available as an annual subscription for $49.99, a quarterly subscription for $14.99 or a monthly subscription for $6.99.

    We want you to love our app and offer a 1-month free trial so you have plenty of time to ensure it's right for you.

    You can start your free trial directly with us using the link below or via the iOS App Store, macOS App Store or Google Play.

    Regardless of where you create your account you can log in to your account on any version of the app.


    Our team is based in Perth, Western Australia (GMT+8), and we aim to respond promptly between Monday and Friday.

    Please email us, and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.