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All Wilderness Equipment brand products are warranted, subject to the exclusions stated and explained below, against faulty materials and manufacture for their life. If this product should fail under normal use it will either be repaired or replaced, at the sole discretion of the wholesale Distributor, free-of-charge upon the product's return to the Distributor's warehouse.


  1. Excluded from this warranty is deterioration of the product due to normal wear and tear, or due to the natural, unavoidable, deterioration of materials with extended use or with the passage of time. To maximise product life it is important to read and follow the advice and warnings provided in instructions for the use and care of the product.
  2. Excluded from this warranty is damage caused by improper use or improper care. Improper use includes all use which, although conceivable, is use that the product could not reasonably be expected to withstand without suffering damage. (For example, damage to a backpack resulting from it being hauled unprotected up a cliff face, or the puncturing of a rainshell resulting from contact with thorny scrub both fall under "improper use". Leaving a product in a damp or wet condition for an extended period of storage will certainly result in irreversible deterioration. Such action constitutes "improper care").
  3. Where a product is sold with a separate consumer warranty provided at the point of sale by a third party then claims relating to the specified components or performance aspects of the product covered by such warranty are excluded.