Norweld has been manufacturing aluminium products for over 50 years. Thousands of their burly trays and canopies are now exploring tracks worldwide.

Jaime, Isaac and Steve are the adventurous owners of the company. We’ve travelled together, and there’s no doubt that their passion for exploring remote tracks and finding secluded fishing destinations is behind the meticulous quality of what they build.

Drawn into this passion, the Norweld team and customers share a passion for exploring off-grid, and most use their 4x4s for what they were built for.

Norweld Next-Gen Ford Ranger In Lancelin Sand Dunes

Next-Gen Ford Ranger

The Next-Gen Ford Ranger has undoubtedly captured some hearts, so we thought it was high time we featured one here in...
Chopped 200 Series

Jaime’s Chopped 200 Series

We’d lined up to test Jaime’s chopped 200 Series LandCruiser and Isaac’s 79 Series on our trip up the Old...
Isaac'S 79 Series Landcruiser

Isaac’s 79 Series LandCruiser

When our buddy Isaac first shared his ideas for his next 79 Series LandCruiser build, we knew it would be...
Old Telegraph Track 1

Old Telegraph Track

Like many travellers yet to make the trip, the Old Telegraph Track to Cape York in Queensland had been on my bucket...
Norweld Trays And Canopies

Norweld Trays & Canopies

There are some great looking ute trays and canopies on the market these days. Based in Cairns, Norweld is a company...
Norweld Canopy

The sturdy 79 Series LandCruiser Norweld Canopy

Without a doubt, the 79 Series LandCruiser and canopy combo is one of the most desirable tough touring setups. The...
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