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September 4 5 minute read

Made by the most least-likely manufacturer with a cult following of coffee lovers and even a world championship brewing contest, the AeroPress is popular amongst travellers and coffee snobs globally.


The Aeropress story

Amazingly simple in construction with its nested-piston design, the AeroPress is the brainchild of Aerobie president Alan Adler, the inventor of the Aerobie Flying Ring (which has held world records for an object thrown the longest distance!).

It’s obvious Mr Adler is a coffee lover since in 2005 he invented the Aeropress on a quest for great coffee.


How it works

It’s simple, grind your coffee to the coarseness of your preference, we like medium-to-fine. On this occasion, we are brewing using the ‘inverted method’. Pull the piston mostly out and flip the Aeropress upside-down.

Add the grinds to the chamber, pour in almost-boiling water (or boil the water then wait 30-60 seconds before pouring).


Using a paper filter in the filter cap, we pre-rinse with hot water to remove any potential paper taste and pre-warm the brewing parts. If using paper isn’t your thing, there are many metal-filter options available on the market.


With the Aeropress topped up with hot water, screw-on the filter cap and allow the brew to ‘steep’ for a few minutes (or to your taste). Some brewers like to give it a little stir or swirl.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for, place your cup upside down on the top of the brewer and very carefully flip them both upright and slowly press-down to extract the coffee.


Liquid gold! The Aeropress produces a fantastic cup (or two) of black, filter coffee. Note however that it is not an espresso! You can brew for more cups if you make a more concentrated brew and then dilute after the brew with more hot water.


Is it easy to clean?

Remove the filter cap to reveal the spent filter and grinds. This couldn’t be easier to clean up, simply push the piston all the way through to discard it all and rinse to clean up. You’ll hear the most satisfying ‘clunk’ sound as you press out the puck.



We love the Aeropress, due to its plastic, lightweight construction it is well suited for remote travel in harsh conditions. It is simple to brew a consistent brew anywhere and the ease of clean up is highly desirable.

Fine-tune the brew by adjusting your brew ration of grinds to water as well as grind-size and water temp. Experimenting is fun and when you’ve found the best tasting cup, simply repeat!

While really simple, the Aeropress is held in high regards by coffee enthusiasts around the world. For many years now the World Aeropress Championship has brought together fans of the brewer where competitors compete for the top spot in a knock-out style contest.

More recently, there has even been a documentary produced about the Aeropress!

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