Airbag Man Wireless Gauge

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Paired with quality suspension, rear airbags are a great way to handle variable loads. The new Airbag Man Wireless Gauge makes it easy to keep track of your pressures for different loads.

 Airbag Man Wireless Gauge

How does the Airbag Man Wireless Gauge Work?

Much like tyre pressure monitoring systems, the sensors send data wirelessly through to the display in the cabin. The display simply shows both the left and right pressures or can be switched to show the level of the connected battery.

Again like tyre pressure monitors, it’s also possible to set your preferred pressure range, outside of which the system will generate an audible alarm.

Airbag Man Wireless Gauge
Airbag Man Wireless Gauge


The Airbag Man Wireless Gauge is super easy to fit. The sensors can either be simply screwed on to the inflation valve or installed out of the way along the line.

Our inflation valves are installed vertically on the underside of our rear bar and sit protected by our towbar, so we’ve opted for the easiest install option directly on the valves.

Airbag Man Wireless Gauge

Those with more exposed inflation valves might want to tuck the sensors on the inflation lines up behind the towbar and out the way.

While a bit more work, it’s simply a matter of cutting the airline and inserting the T piece included in the kit. The cut airlines insert in the orange ends of the T and the sensor screws on to the valve sized outlet.

Airbag Man Wireless Gauge

The kit includes spare batteries and tools. The black tool is two-sided, one grips the valves and the other side is needed to open the valve and change the battery. The spanner is used to assemble the T piece.

Airbag Man Wireless Gauge

The gauge itself is powered from a 12-volt cigarette style socket. The head is tilt-adjustable which allows for multiple installation options.

Airbag Man Wireless Gauge

Varying pressures

The Airbag Man Wireless Gauge is an easy way to ensure your airbags are balanced left and right, and that they aren’t losing any air. They also make it easy to dial in your go-to pressures.

Daily driving, expedition mode, towing; once you’ve taken the time to measure up your pressures for each application it’s easy to inflate back to those, the gauge adds visibility to the process.

Airbag Man Wireless Gauge

From a safety perspective, it’s comforting to know that your airbags are at pressure, plus the visual reminder makes it easy to dial in your preferred pressures.

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