ARB Adventure Light

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Nooks and crannies seem as difficult to light as they are to work within. With the newest version of their popular ARB Adventure Light, the design team at ARB have taken on this challenge.

Arb Adventure Light

First up it can flood light – a whopping 600 lumens of it. This can be dialled back to 300 lumens to conserve the battery, a battery which can easily be changed from 12 or 240-volt sources.

Arb Adventure Light

Next up is positioning. The two hooks make it easy to hang or lean many places. The hooks hold firmly at different angles which make it possible to cast the light downwards somewhat – a handy detail.

Arb Adventure Light
Arb Adventure Light
Arb Adventure Light
Arb Adventure Light

Continuing with the topic of positioning – the magnet really works – everything metal is a mounting point!

The casing of the ARB Adventure Light is IP54 rated for dust and rain, and the charging input point has a sturdy cover, so getting the light a little mucky under on the chassis shouldn’t be an issue.

Arb Adventure Light
Arb Adventure Light

Refreshingly the 12-volt charging cord is a simple USB style without any unnecessary bulk – with so many cords these days this is a definite plus. 

Arb Adventure Light

The ARB Adventure Light is also more than just for working on the vehicle. The magnet works well on rear doors, under awnings – and with the hooks, it could be positioned just about anywhere around camp too.

Arb Adventure Light

Powerful, compact, rugged and versatile – the ARB Adventure Light 600 has earnt a place in our toolbox.

Words Mike Collister, photographs Gen Collister.

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