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ARB Fridge Freezer 47L

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October 224 minute read

If you’re considering transitioning from an esky to a fridge, do it, you’ll never look back. No ice means no mess, and there’s so much more usable space too. 

Arb Fridge

The ARB Fridge Freezer 47L fits into the most popular 40L to 50L size bracket. Most fridges in this bracket have a front dimension around 380mm wide and 510mm high, which leaves plenty of room for drawers and gear.

At 47L the ARB fridge is one of the largest in this category. With a slim internal basket, the internal volume is also particularly useful. To give you an idea, one case of beer will fit into the front section; three six-packs high, and the final six down the side.

Arb Fridge

This ARB fridge is thermostat controlled offering ‘set and forget’ ease. It also has integrated battery protection, which means the fridge will cut out prior to running the second battery down to damaging charge levels.

The compressor is made by Secop (formerly known as Danfoss) who are one of the founding fathers of modern compressor technology. The compressor unit chosen for this fridge delivers what is required – effortless cooling, reliability and modest power consumption.

The fridge itself is of robust construction. The optional Canvas Transit Bag offers protection as well as additional insulation, and fits the fridge well.

Arb Fridge

The optional monitor can be mounted in the cabin. It connects with the fridge wirelessly and offers early visual warning if for some reason your fridge should start to warm up.

Arb Fridge
Arb Fridge

Whilst the ARB Fridge Freezer 47L can operate effectively as a fridge or freezer, it cannot do both at once, and in our opinion, that’s quite ok.

On prior trips we’ve used a second fridge as a dedicated freezer, as well as used units that can do both, and we’ve struggled. In hot weather like the Kimberley the extra power consumption made keeping our second battery charged hard going, even with a high quality battery setup.

We asked ourselves why we wanted a freezer, and it was mainly to carry fresh meat. With a little research and some advice from our local butcher we found that when cryovaced mince and chicken will easily last a week, and lean red meats like lamb and beef will last for 3 weeks. This can also be extended a week by deep freezing everything to start. On our long trips we deep freeze everything prior, and then pack the frozen meat under a layer of foam to keep it frozen for longer. 

Arb Fridge
Arb Fridge
Arb Fridge

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