Easy Recycling With the ARB Track Pack

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Time outdoors is often a chance to reconnect with the natural world. It can also be a mud riddled, lizard filled classroom for the next generation of explorers. It’s natural to have a short break from the recycling ritual, but with a a wheel bag, like the ARB Track Pack, it can actually be easier not to.

Arb Track Pack
Arb Track Pack

Bulky rubbish can make life more difficult while you’re travelling. It’s worth looking at packing products with more minimalist packaging so both your general waste and recycling fill up more slowly. We choose cans of beer over bottles – they squash up to nothing and there’s no chance of glass breakage. Our butcher cryovacs our meat straight in the bag without a tray, so again there’s very little to go in the general waste.

The ARB Track Pack has a central divider – the left is labelled for general waste and the right for recycling. To control odour and keep out critters we bag our general waste inside it’s section. With the recycling we simply squash it and pop it straight in. Having an easily accessible bin also makes it easy to do our bit and pick up a few extra cans and bottles along the track.

Arb Track Pack

As you might expect from ARB the mounting of the Track Pack seems engineered. In addition to the usual two mounting straps there is a third “anti slip” strap. It runs from the top over the tyre, around the tyre mount and back to the top – everything stays exactly where it is supposed to!

Arb Track Pack
Arb Track Pack

It’s possible to unclip the middle divider and swing it to one side to perhaps accomodate larger rubbish bags, piles of wet recovery or even surfing gear – the mesh bottom helps the water drain.

The side pockets of the ARB Track Pack are useful for storing items like gloves, rubbish bags and they even have tabs for keeping a couple of shackles within reach.

Arb Track Pack
Arb Track Pack

It’s great to use a wheel bag that stays put, and the inclusion of a recycling section will surely coax many to be part of the solution – one extra piece at a time and our wild places will become litter free.

ARB Track Pack

To learn more visit ARB. To read more similar reviews head over to our Stoves & Kitchen category.

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