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Rfi Cdq3000 Uhf Cb Antenna

RFI CDQ3000 3dB UHF Antenna

The RFI CDQ3000 is the newest addition to a comprehensive range of Aussie made antennas. 3dB Stubby... Read More
Rfi 4G Antenna Cdq7194 And Cel-Fi

Combine RFI’s CDQ7195 4G Antenna & Cel-Fi for incredible reception

Nothing beats escaping it all. But for many, staying connected means more time away. For that task, a quality 4G... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 1

Icom IC-M25 EURO VHF Marine Radio

When you’re out on the water, there’s every chance that the first craft that can help you in an emergency is... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 2

Cel Fi GO Mobile

Highly recommended to us, and promising to amplify mobile signal a whopping 70dB, it was time to install a Cel Fi GO... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 3

RFI CDQ5000 UHF CB Antenna

UHF CB antennas need little introduction. They are the vital link between our trusty radios and the chatter of... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 4


A handheld radio like the ICOM IC-41PRO is a great item to carry in your 4WD. They make life easy - guiding wheel... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 5

Icom IC-450 UHF CB

The radio bursts to life. Awake from dormancy, and awakening the memories of previous adventure. Today we take... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 6

Hema HX1

Paper maps certainly provide bonnet size context and power free back up - however modern GPS units like the Hema HX1... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 7

Hema Explorer App

Navigating remote tracks - discovering waterfalls, coastlines, deserts and secret spots – what’s not to... Read More
Icom Ic-M25 Euro 8

Hema Explorer Cloud

The rugged coastline of the Great Australian Bight promises a great adventure. The powerful Southern Ocean collides in... Read More