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Navigating remote tracks – discovering waterfalls, coastlines, deserts and secret spots – what’s not to love? 

Maps are key to exploration, and when we’re at the wheel there’s nothing easier than having our location, plans, and entire map collection all overlaid and at our fingertips. 

Hema Explorer App

We run the Hema Explorer App on our iPad Mini as well as on our iPhone. The App doesn’t need reception to work, although the iPad does need a GPS, so it needs to be one of the Wi-Fi + Cellular models.

We currently have both the original Hema 4WD Maps App and the Hema Explorer App. The Hema 4WD Maps App is tried and tested, and is much like an App version of paper maps. The Hema Explorer App is the future of digital mapping, and as such is more feature rich. Since the improvements of the latest release of Hema Explorer App it’s now all we use. 

Hema Explorer App

The user interface is simple and intuitive.  When zooming in and out the maps render quickly and smoothly – making the App a pleasure to use. Creating a route prior to a trip, as well as tracking the path you end up driving, are both easily done.

We have a PRO membership which gives us greater zoom detail as well as access to additional maps created or licensed by Hema. The standard App is a great start, and more than enough for many areas.

Hema Explorer App

The specialist map layers available include Geoscience 250k, The Kimberley, Great Desert Tracks, Cape York & Fraser Island. We’ve found the new Hema Explorer Map has excellent detail in most areas, so there is less need to scroll between maps. Running one map on the iPad and another on the iPhone works well for us when we are looking for more detail.

Hema Explorer App

Routes can be planned on your device or on the Hema Explorer Cloud on your computer and synced across. It’s also really easy to track your journey and geotag photos along the way. When your back home you have the option of synching your trip and photos with the Hema Explorer Cloud to share with your friends.

Hema Explorer App

With amazing detail, Hema’s Explorer App is simple to use and highly reliable. No single piece of equipment gives us more confidence to explore!  

Read our article about the Hema Explorer Cloud or take a look at our track across the Great Australian Bight complete with geotagged images.

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Hema Explorer Cloud

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