Hema HX1

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Paper maps certainly provide bonnet size context and power free back up – however modern GPS units like the Hema HX1 offer a kind of “easy” that allows you to relax and soak up the places you are traversing.

Hema Hx1

The Drive mode of the Hema HX1 offers offline turn by turn navigation on main roads to and from the track. It includes the speed limits, over speed warnings, the distance remaining, ETA as well as Hema POIs and the network of Camps Australia campsites.

Hema Hx1

The Explore mode is where the fun starts. At the base of it is the latest version of the meticulously maintained Hema Explorer Map. With the usual pinch or push of your fingers it’s a breeze to zoom in and out, revealing more or less detailed information in the process.

With a press on the screen it’s possible to orientate the map – north up or heading up. We find the heading up mode particularly useful when navigating a number of turns in areas with lots of tracks.

Recording your track is very straight forward and it’s a great record of each adventure. With the inbuilt 5 megapixel camera, you can also include geotagged images with your track. Hema offers free access to the Hema Explorer Cloud. It’s worth backing up your tracks and images to the cloud, and this will also make them available on other devices like mobile devices that are loaded with the Hema Explorer App or your computer. The Hema Explorer Cloud gives you the option to keep each of your tracks private or to share them with the community of fellow explorers and your friends.

Hema Hx1

The suction cap and cradle are sturdy and hold the GPS perfectly during off-road travel. The Hema HX1 pops out easily for photos, browsing maps around camp or storing it out of sight whilst you are away from your vehicle.

Hema Hx1
Hema Hx1

If you are yet to travel with a quality off-road GPS we bet you will be amazed with the confidence that it brings you and the new places it will guide you. If you are looking for a dedicated unit that’s fully loaded with maps and ready to go straight from the box – suction cup, brackets and all – the Hema HX1 is worth a closer look.

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