JMACX Brake Booster

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If you own or have spent much in a 70 Series LandCruiser, you’ll know stopping isn’t one of their strengths. Enter the JMACX Brake Booster.

Why Might You Fit One?

If you use your Cruiser at slow speeds around a farm or mine site, the OEM brakes are likely sufficient. However, with the 70 Series being such a popular vehicle for travel, for many people, they’re destined to be heavily loaded and driven at a variety of speeds. It’s in these applications that you’ll start to notice the shortcomings of the brakes most.

Jmacx Brake Booster
Jmacx Brake Booster 29

If you have a GVM upgrade to carry additional loads or if you tow heavy campers, caravans or boats, the lack of power of the factory brakes is even more noticeable. You do get used to the OEM brakes, but that doesn’t mean they stop you well!

The JMACX Brake Booster is a simple part swap; the new booster replaces the Toyota Brake Booster and increases stopping power by ~30%.

Jmacx Brake Booster 1
Jmacx Brake Booster 30

Double Diaphragm JMACX Brake Booster

While the Toyota unit is a single diaphragm design, the JMACX BRAKE Booster utilises double diaphragms; this is how it generates the extra stopping power.

Jmacx Brake Booster
Jmacx Brake Booster 31

The new booster does make the brake pedal feel softer; you don’t need to press so hard to stop. I got used to this after a few days of driving and now don’t notice the difference.

The pedal feel isn’t necessarily better, or worse, but the increased braking power is undoubtedly noticeable.

Jmacx Brake Booster
Jmacx Brake Booster 32


The JMACX Brake Booster is available to suit ABS vehicles (2012 to current) as well as non-ABS models (2000-2012).

Both options are ADR35 compliant and ship with the compliance paperwork and approval number, making the required sign off by a local engineer or Transport Authority a straightforward administrative process.

Jmacx Brake Booster 2
Jmacx Brake Booster 33
Rfi Cdq3000 Uhf Cb Antenna
Jmacx Brake Booster 34

Learn More

Our JMACX Brake Booster shipped directly from JMACX in Queensland, and Ultimate 4WD Equipment here in Perth installed it. JMACX offer installation at their Queensland headquarters or via their Australia-wide dealer network. Read about our 76 Series build.

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