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With the enormous range of accessories available for the 70 Series LandCruiser range, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. JMACX High Clearance Mounts are shiny, but when you start to compare the equivalent benefits to tyre size, they are a modification worth a close look.

Jmacx High Clearance Mounts
Jmacx High Clearance Mounts 23

What are JMACX Billet High Clearance Mounts?

For those not familiar, in the Toyota 70 Series LandCruiser range, the rear differential connects to the leaf pack suspension with U bolts. These U bolts connect to a plate that fits on the underside and somewhat protects the nuts. This plate also doubles as the connection point for the shock absorbers.

Jmacx High Clearance Plates
Oem Mounts

While the OEM setup is robust, but it hangs beneath the already low leaf suspension, making it typically the lowest point on the vehicle and a common snag for these vehicles.

Jmacx High Clearance Plates
Jmacx High Clearance Mounts 24

The JMACX High Clearance Mounts are a replacement setup. Using a carefully designed top plate, a bottom plate with threaded bolt holes, and shipping the bolts’ length to suit their customer’s leaf packs’ vertical height, JMACX has managed to improve rear clearance.

Jmacx High Clearance Plates
Jmacx High Clearance Mounts 25

The overall improvement is ~1 inch. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s more critical clearance than it seems; we’ll come back to that.

Build Quality

These JMACX High Clearance Mounts are CNC machined from a piece of Australian made BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL 80 steel. This steel has low alloy, high strength and yield stress three times that of carbon steel. The steel is then SA5 zinc coated. These plates have increased strength over OEM.

Jmacx High Clearance Plates
Jmacx High Clearance Mounts 26

Tyre Size Clearance Comparison

A common temptation for many is 35” tyres. As a traveller, I run 25585R16s, which are a shade over ~33”. Jumping 2” to 35” actually only gives 1” of gain as only half of this diameter increase sits below the axle, providing lift.

Jmacx High Clearance Plates
Jmacx High Clearance Mounts

While changing from 33” to 35” tyres will give you 1” gain across the undercarriage, it is equivalent to merely changing these to high clearance plates at the low point of the leaf pack mounts.

Of course, you can choose 35” tyres and high clearance plates, and you’ll sit approximately 2” taller at that point. But as a traveller, I decided to stick to ~33” tyres for the lower centre of gravity, reduced impact on gearing, torque and power, and the smaller and lighter spare wheels to transport and handle.

Compatibility Notes

With many setups being different, you’ll need to provide the exact vertical height of your leaf pack when ordering these plates. For those with Airbag Man Rear Helper Suspension, there’s also an option that suits this.

Jmacx High Clearance Plates
Jmacx High Clearance Mounts 27

The JMACX High Clearance Mounts suit OEM diffs as well as JMACX Track Correcting Diffs.

Jmacx High Clearance Mounts 1
Jmacx High Clearance Mounts 28

Learn More

For more technical information, get in touch with the team at JMACX. Read about our 76 Series LandCruiser build.

Thanks to Ultimate 4WD for fitting our mounts. 

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