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JMACX Radius Arms

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March 23 4 minute read

Vehicle modifications often have a knock-on effect. JMACX Radius Arms add back length in the wheelbase lost due to suspension lifts.

Jmacx Radius Arms
JMACX Radius Arms 23

How Does the Wheelbase Shorten and Why Does it Matter?    

When lifting a 70 Series LandCruiser, the extra length of the front suspension causes the solid axle to pivot on the radius arms and marginally shortening the wheelbase.

Jmacx Radius Arms
JMACX Radius Arms 24

For those fitting 35” tyres, this may cause some clearance issues, but most in this scenario also fit 3-4inch lifts and are likely aware of the need to upgrade radius arms.

It is travellers running ~33” tyres and a common ~2” lift on their 76s, 79s and Troopies that may be yet to make the change and stand to benefit the most. 

I love my 76 Series LandCruiser, but I used to hate the float of the front-end at highway speeds. It was tiring on long drives and sure didn’t inspire confidence on more challenging overtakes. 

Jmacx Radius Arms
JMACX Radius Arms 25

With my GVM upgrade and lift, ARB fitted my Cruiser with offset bushes that helped a little but not enough. Offset bushes are a common approach from installers unless radius arm upgrades are specifically requested. Offset bushes also typically don’t wear well, and that was certainly the case for mine, which had plenty of wear at relatively low kilometres.

Since fitting the JMACX Radius Arms, the steering in my 76 Series is significantly better. It’s much more pleasant, sure-footed and safe, especially at speed. With this modification, I’m not saying it drives like an unmodified modern vehicle; it doesn’t, but for the car that it is, it is significantly better, and for me, it drives acceptably well for long travel.

About the JMACX Radius Arms

JMACX Radius Arms is fully CNC machined from premium Australian Bisalloy 80 structural steel and then SA-5 zinc coated for corrosion resistance from their Queensland factory.

Jmacx Radius Arms
JMACX Radius Arms 26

They are ADR compliant and are 60% stronger than OEM. They are also equivalent to the OEM radius arms weight, so they are one of the few modifications that won’t make your Cruiser heavier!

Jmacx Radius Arms
JMACX Radius Arms 27

JMACX Radius Arms are available to suit 2–3inch lifts, 3-4inch lifts, DPF and non-DPF vehicles. 

For new vehicles, they are available without bushes, and you can refit the Toyota bushes. Our Cruiser had already been lifted and fitted with offset bushes, so we ordered the option of arms fitted with Polyelast bushes.

Jmacx Radius Arms
JMACX Radius Arms 28

Learn More

To learn more, visit JMACX. Read the article on our full 76 Series build.

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