Lightforce HTX2 Driving Lights

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As travellers, we now have the choice of a variety of premium driving lights. We take a look at how the new Lightforce HTX2 lights perform.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 13

The Lightforce HTX2 is what’s known as a hybrid light. At the centre of each light is a 5000K Phillips WhiteVision Xenon HID bulb for generating distance lighting. Around the perimeter of each light, surrounding the HID, are 20 domeless 5000K Lumileds Luxeon ZES LEDs for spread lighting.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 14

The HID and LED lighting can be switched separately. It’s a smart but straightforward option; there’s plenty of tracks where the LEDs would provide ample light.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 15

On the trail, the Lightforce HTX2 really delivers as promised. The HIDs penetrate the horizon, while the LEDs flooded the shadowy bumps with light.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 16

Night driving with these lights is a breeze. This image is the lighting produced from the OEM 76 Series high beam and the Lightforce HTX2 lights only.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 17

The LEDs also throw light considerably well to the periphery. It’s always helpful to have some visibility of the surroundings, especially at higher speeds in consideration to preventing animal strikes.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 18

On the blacktop, the long and wide the HTX2s perform equally well. On long straights, the HIDs blast as far down the highway as we could hope for. Lightforce state 1 LUX of useable light is produced at over 1.25 kilometres and 0.25 LUX at over 3.3 kilometres; we subjectively have no reason to doubt this.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 19

Off-road and on longer highway trips the HTX2s are easy on the eyes. Technically this is due to their Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 70.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 20

Made in South Australia, Lightforce lights are now exported to over 50 countries.

The HTX2 has a range of improvements on it’s highly regarded predecessor the HTX. The HTX2 has an all aluminium body, and the new design is slim-lined, so it will fit a broader range of bullbars. There is easy access for HID bulb replacement, and the cooling system is improved.

The HTX2 comes standard with a clear protective filter and they also now have a range of optional filters and covers.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 21

The HTX2s each mount with three bolts to ensure they withstand the corrugations of travelling Australia. At the base of each light, an additional bolt controls the vertical adjustment of the light.

Uniquely, they also offer the optional HTX2 Extreme Top Stay Bracket. They mount to the top of each light, which gives a secure point to connect the top of the light back to the bull bar. Again it’s a simple design, and for those spending extended periods on rough corrugations, it’s an option worth considering.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 22

The Lightforce HTX2 is now rated to both IP68 and IP69K. This translates to them being objectively rated to be dustproof, fully submersible and be able to withstand high-pressure water and steam jets.

To achieve this, Lightforce has used a new mechanical sealing system. The electricals enter through a specifically suited plug, and the air space can expand and contract to suit the ambient conditions through a fully waterproof Gore membrane valve.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 23

Premium gear is an investment, but the performance and longevity are without comparison. The Lightforce HTX2 is a well-built light, and the quality of the output is hard to fault.

Lightforce Htx2
Lightforce Htx2 Driving Lights 24

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