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The MAXTRAX Indeflate is a straightforward tool for airing up and down that can be operated standing.

Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 10

We reviewed the Indeflate when it was first released in 2018. Recently Indeflate has chosen MAXTRAX to exclusively represent them in Australia. It’s a move that will make Indeflate available throughout the MAXTRAX dealer network and to their commercial customers like the Army and Police.

To celebrate this new partnership these units are co-branded MAXTRAX and Indeflate and are sporting MAXTRAX orange.

While this high-quality South African product remains unchanged, we thought it was an excellent opportunity to revisit how it works for those yet to see one.

Airing Down

The MAXTRAX Indeflate is fitted with two hoses. To air down, it’s a simple matter of clipping the chucks onto the tyre valves and sliding the valve up to the open position which exposes the deflate outlet. It will deflate two tyres at the same time.

Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 11
Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 12

To get an accurate reading on the gauge, slide the valve into the closed position.

Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 13

Airing Up

Airing back up requires one more step, which is to connect your air compressor to the tyre valve on the base of the unit.

This time the MAXTRAX Indeflate will inflate two tyres simultaneously. Both tyres are equalised during the process. We run higher PSI in their rear of our LandCruiser, so we increase the front and the rear tyres concurrently so we can dial in the pressures we want.

Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 14

When inflating, to check the pressure in the gauge, disconnect the air compressor.

Maxtrax Indeflate
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The True Benefits

The MAXTRAX Indeflate is the easiest inflate/deflate unit we’ve used. Once it’s clipped on and going tow work adjusting two tyres, there is a window of time free. Instead of squatting down and tuning the pressure of all four tyres you can stretch, grab a drink or check over your vehicle.

Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 16

Time-wise airing up takes about the same time as a direct connection, the speed is dictated by the compressor. Airing all the way down to sand pressures takes slightly longer than with a unit that removes the valve. Using the Indeflate, though, is more leisurely, plus there’s no risk of incorrectly tightening your valves and having leaks.

The unit comes with a bracket to hang it from your 4×4, but we find it just as easy to droop one of the hoses over our existing accessories.

Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 17

MAXTRAX Indeflate Build Quality

The Indeflate is made in South Africa. The body is machined, military spec hard anodised aluminium. The precision gauge reads to 100psi/700kpa.

The air hoses are 3m long and are rated to 300psi/2,000kpa and for use between -10 and 60 degrees celsius. The clip-on chucks area durable brass, and stay connected to the tyre valve leak-free with ease.

Maxtrax Indeflate
Maxtrax Indeflate 18

Especially when it’s hot or wet, adjusting pressures can be a pain. While you can’t operate the Indeflate from the cabin, it’s certainly a lot easier than traditional methods.

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