The safe, light MAXTRAX Winch Ring

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The MAXTRAX Winch Ring adds to the growing range of modern 4×4 equipment designed to make recoveries easier and safer.

Maxtrax Winch Ring

First, what is a double line pull?

For those new to winch recoveries, let’s take a quick look at the double line pull. By running the winch line through a pulley and back to the vehicle it’s possible to almost double the capacity of the winch. For every length of winch line we roll on the drum, the 4×4 only moves forward half that distance.

It’s like having low-range for your winch. Sometimes a single line pull will be more than enough, but it’s an easy trick to get more winching power when you really need it.

Maxtrax Winch Ring

How does the MAXTRAX Winch Ring work?

The MAXTRAX Winch Ring rigs up in the same layout as a traditional snatch ring.

It’s designed for synthetic winch lines only, and first, it’s a simple matter of placing the winch line over the ring.

Maxtrax Winch Ring

Next, connect the MAXTRAX Winch Ring to the anchor point using a soft shackle.

Maxtrax Winch Ring
Maxtrax Winch Ring
Maxtrax Winch Ring

Finally, pull the winch line back to the 4×4 and connect it to a rated recovery point.

Maxtrax Winch Ring 1

With most anchor points having sharp corners it’s still best to connect to this point with a hard shackle. Closed loops like Factor 55 FlatLink are a safer option than a traditional hook. We placed our dampener closer to this end of the winch rope, just in case.

Maxtrax Winch Ring 2
Maxtrax Winch Ring 3

From here, it’s winching as normally. The winch line rolls around the large diameter pulley effortless.

The inside hole of the MAXTRAX Winch Ring is smooth and rounded to ensure there are no sharp edges which could damage the soft shackle.

Maxtrax Winch Ring 4
Maxtrax Winch Ring 5
Maxtrax Winch Ring 6

What are the advantages over a traditional steel snatch block?

The MAXTRAX Winch Ring is generally a safer option than a steel snatch block. Steel blocks work the same but are have and require the use of hard shackles. While high quality and well-maintained ones are unlikely to break, if something in the setup, like the anchor, fails there is the potential for the snatch block to become a heavy projectile.

The Winch Ring is in line with the current trend to remove heavy items like steel winch cables and shackles from the setup wherever possible.

Recovery equipment can add up to be a significant load in a 4×4. For those closer to the GVM than they may like it’s possible to save weight with the MAXTRAX Winch Ring. The aluminium ring is significantly lighter than a steel snatch block, and it’s possible to replace a couple of hard shackles for soft ones for this job.

Maxtrax Winch Ring

The Winch Ring has a WLL of 12,500kg and has a destructive test break load of 62,508kg.

Words by Mike Collister. Photographs by James Mandy.

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Mike Collister has spent his life outdoors. He has represented Australia as a slalom kayaker, guided whitewater expeditions in Nepal, and taught outdoor education and wilderness medicine. He’s paddled the Kimberley’s Fitzroy River in the wet season and across the Bass Strait and is an avid photographer, overlander and camper.


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