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With hard anodised aluminium teeth, the MAXTRAX XTREME can withstand frequent use and those that aren’t so easy on gear.

Maxtrax Xtreme

While the boards themselves are the proven MKII shape, the teeth are entirely different. While they are replaceable, the main point seems to be that by using hard anodised aluminium they should rarely need to be.

There will be a field kit with a tool and replacement teeth available soon, but in the meantime, if any teeth are damaged at the ends (the likely place) you can shift teeth from the less critical middle using a Torx driver.

Maxtrax Xtreme

For recovery, the MAXTRAX XTREME is exactly the same to use as the MKII. For those that haven’t used them either, the trick is to do enough digging to make sure the board is under the tyre, and that the teeth have firm contact with the tyre.

Maxtrax Xtreme

With the MAXTRAX XTREME, the hard anodised alloy teeth definitely bite in hard.

Maxtrax Xtreme

The XTREME has been built for the most demanding user groups around the globe – militaries, off-road racers, driver training schools and frequent recreational users.

Maxtrax Xtreme
Maxtrax Xtreme

The MAXTRAX XTREME stack like the MKII and fits on the MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness. They nest fractionally further apart to where the moulding accommodates the teeth, but they will likely suit most aftermarket brackets.

Maxtrax Xtreme

In soft ground, they bury like the MKIIs too! We’ve got in the habit of stowing ours with the leashes in place. It makes it so much easy to find and retrieve them!

Maxtrax Xtreme

First with the MAXTRAX Mini and now with the XTREME, the crew at MAXTRAX are on a roll with new gear. We’ve been testing some near-final prototypes of their new Winch Ring and Recovery Hitch for soft shackles.

There has been a huge amount of R&D investment to create this new product, and it’s great to see more incredibly high-quality gear coming to market.

Maxtrax Winch Ring
Maxtrax Recovery Hitch

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