Nikola Badger Hydrogen Ute

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The hydrogen-powered Nikola Badger ute is expected to test the market in Australia with unit reservations now open.

Nikola Badger
Nikola Badger Hydrogen Ute 7

Nikola founder and executive chair, Trevor Milton, tweeted about the vast interest in the brand and their goal to disrupt the trucking industry with three hydrogen-fuelled trucks and the Badger electric ute.

Nikola Badger
Nikola Badger Hydrogen Ute 8


The Badger is the only ute to be offered by the company which was founded in 2015.

Two models are available to pre-order. The BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) has a 300-mile (482-kilometre) range and starts from US$60,000. The FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) has a 600-mile (965-kilometre) range and starts from US$80,000.

Nikola Badger
Nikola Badger Hydrogen Ute 9

Nikola Badger Specs

How about specs? “The Badger will output 906HP, 980ft. lbs with 600 miles of range” said Milton. Performance figures are around 675kW/1330Nm.

Nikola Badger
Nikola Badger Hydrogen Ute 10

Towing Capacity is expected to be at 8000 pounds (3600kg), slightly more than the 3.5 tonnes offered by most diesel-powered Utes in Australia.

Nikola Badger
Nikola Badger Hydrogen Ute 11

The Badger measures 5890mm long, 2180mm wide and 1870mm high, roughly the same size as a dual-cab Ford F-150.

Badger Production ETA

“I have been working on this pick-up program for years and believe the market is now ready for something that can handle a full day’s worth of work without running out of energy” said Milton.

Nikola Badger
Nikola Badger Hydrogen Ute 12

The Nikola Badger is due to be unveiled in full in September 2020 with production commencing in 2021.

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