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While portable power packs aren’t new, the REDARC GoBlock is the first we’ve tested that rivals, and in many ways out features, traditional secondary battery systems.

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What is the REDARC GoBlock?

The REDARC GoBlock integrates a choice of a 50Ah or 100Ah lithium battery with a 50A fast charger, solar regulator and a range of helpful connections to keep the GoBlock and your devices running or charging.

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REDARC GoBlock vs Installed Systems

If you are looking for >100Ah of lithium battery storage and more customisation options, bespoke installed systems like those we’ve previously written about are likely still the way to go. 

However, if 100Ah of lithium is ample, which for most use cases it is, the REDARC GoBlock offers some key advantages.

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Quick Install

With the current boom in domestic travel, one of the most challenging aspects of preparing your vehicle for trips is getting a workshop booking.

With the GoBlock, almost everything is ready to go from the REDARC factory. You’ll still need a quality charging cable capable of achieving the 50A charging speeds and a secure tie-down strap and attachments, but that’s about it. It makes it a comparatively quick job. With a comparable installed system, the BCDC1250D charger usually mounts in front of the radiator, the battery needs a mounting case, and all connections require laborious wiring.

At some stage in early 2022, REDARC plan to release the new PowerDock. The PowerDock permanently mounts into the vehicle and locks the GoBlock in place. The GoBlock also has external charging connections to allow quick and wireless charging. It’s a very clever design!

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The most significant benefit of the REDARC GoBlock has to be its versatility. It’s ideal for use in the vehicle but has many other use cases.

By installing charging cables or additional REDARC GoBlock PowerDocks in a camper trailer, small power or sailboat, work trailer or other vehicles, it’s easy to use your lithium power in different ways throughout the year.

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New Vehicles

The REDARC GoBlock is an ideal accessory to transfer to your new vehicle for those who lease or like to update cars regularly.

Base Camp

Being truly portable makes running your fridge and charging devices easy when camping. In addition, it’s convenient in campsites like National Parks where vehicles have kept some distance from the tents or when some of the family want to go exploring with the car, and others want to stay behind with some cool drinks and food.

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Features of the GoBlock


The REDARC GoBlock has a sturdy aluminium case and features extendable carry handles for easy carrying.

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Charging the GoBlock

It’s easy to keep the GoBlock charged from the vehicle using the Anderson plug connection, or, in future, the PowerDock will offer an even easier car connection. Due to its fast inbuilt charging, even if the GoBlock drops to 50% or 50A, it will only take one hour of driving to get it back to 100% or 100A, which is an important feature to note.

With an inbuilt solar regulator, to keep the GoBlock topped up from the sun, it’s a simple case of plugging in a solar panel or blanket into the Anderson plug.

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It’s also possible to charge the REDARC GoBlock from mains power at home or in a caravan park on your travels.

Charging and Running Devices

The REDARC GoBlock has a range of popular outlets to run all of your devices, including a Merit socket, screw-in fridge socket, 12V accessories socket 50A Anderson plug and 4 x 2.4A USB-A outputs.

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We ran an ARB Fridge from the fridge socket in our pictured testing and charged our iPad, iPhone and Zoleo satellite communicator from the USB-A ports.

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At the same time, the REDARC Folding Solar Panel was producing 11.7A, far more than we were using.

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The REDARC GoBlock connects to the REDARC Redvision app, making it easy to monitor critical aspects like battery state of charge and the number of amps currently coming into the GoBlock.


The rear isolation switch stops the REDARC GoBlock discharging during extended storage periods.

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Jump Starter

The GoBlock can also act as a jump starter, pushing power back to your flat cranking battery. First, you’ll need to connect the two batteries with the optional GoBlock Smart Battery Recovery cable or in the future; you’ll have the option of doing this using the PowerDock. It’s then simple to activate the power transfer using the REDARC RedVision app.

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The REDARC GoBlock is ruggedly made and very intuitive to use. 100Ah of lithium power is a robust dual battery system. It’s a simple system to install and dramatically reduces the need for wiring. This wiring can cause electrical system failure, and it can be challenging to troubleshoot; the GoBlock eliminates the majority of these issues. 

Learn More

To learn more about the GoBlock, visit REDARC.


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