RFI CDQ3000 3dB UHF Antenna

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The RFI CDQ3000 is the newest addition to a comprehensive range of Aussie made antennas.

Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 9

3dB Stubby Antenna

At 515mm long the RFI CDQ3000 is what we’d call a stubby UHF antenna. These stubbies are becoming a popular choice for both garage clearance, forward visibility and aesthetics.

For hilly terrain, close convoys and communicating with handhelds a 3dB UHF antenna will absolutely do the job.

Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 10

3dB vs 5dB

If you are new to antennas, longer antennas will typically have a higher dB rating. Longer isn’t always better, they are different tools.

A good comparison would is to driving lights; a quality spot driving light will throw far but narrow, while a flood won’t throw as far but will throw wide.

A 3dB antenna produces a dome of transmissions, it’s why they work well in steep country, and you can often communicate with people that are on the other side of a hill. In some ways, it’s like the flood driving light.

5dB antennas like the RFI CDQ5000 are more like your spot. They aren’t as effective in steep country, but if you’re crossing deserts, they will give you significantly more range.

Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 11

For most people, one or the other will suffice. If you spend lots of time in varying terrain switching between the two is an option. RFI’s Q-Fit system makes this easy, and the whips are available to be purchased separately for this reason.

Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 12

Australian Made With Patented PCB

RFI has been designing and manufacturing antennas in Australia since 1979. Uniquely, the internals of CDQ3000 features a patented Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The PCB is one piece and flexible, which means communications stay intact over rough terrain. Inbuilt in the design is Meander radiating elements which also significantly improve the consistency in gain and clear communication.

Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 13

RFI CDQ3000 Build Quality

Externally the RFI CDQ3000 is also built tough. The mast itself is high impact fibreglass. It’s paired with a heavy-duty mounting spring and RFI’s Q-Fit system which allows for antennas to be easily interchanged.

The Q-Fit system houses a quality connection between the UHF radio and antenna, and the threaded joint includes a quality o-ring to keep fine dust and moisture out. This o-ring is a simple detail, but it’s uncommon.

Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 14
Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 15

Trusted By Emergency Services

While less visible in popular retail outlets and the media, RFI is the antenna of choice for a large portion of the Australian emergency services and radio enthusiasts alike. They have a reputation for consistently delivering crystal clear communications and for longevity.

Rfi Cdq3000
Rfi Cdq3000 3Db Uhf Antenna 16

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