Safari ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter

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While additional fuel filters have been available for aeons, the newly released Safari ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter includes freshly considered features that make it worth a closer look. 

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The Benefits of Additional Fuel Filters

For those new to additional fuel filters, this is simply a second fuel filter placed before or after the factory fuel filter to provide extra protection from water or contaminants that you may collect in fuel when travelling.

At the better end of the spectrum, mildly contaminated fuel degrades and is less effective. But the worse scenario is that contaminated diesel is one of the leading causes of engine failure. So it’s worth fitting a quality additional fuel filter, avoiding questionable service stations and old jerry cans and simply keeping your fuel fill point and cap clean (wet wipes work great when travelling).

Inside the Box

The Safari ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter includes every part required for installation down to the nearest cable tie. In the 70 Series LandCruiser, the filter mounts in the rear of the engine bay on the driver’s side. If you have installed an upgraded brake booster, an additional mount kit is available for popular brands like the JMACX Brake Booster, installed in my 76 Series LandCruiser.

Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter
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The kit includes detailed fitting instructions that break down the installation into clear steps with colour pictures. With installation errors of 4WD accessories on the rise, it’s refreshing to see Safari taking every effort to mitigate the chance of error at this stage.

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Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 17

I chose to have my kit professionally installed by Brendan at Ultimate 4WD in Perth, who said it was an easy process. Brendan commented that the quality brackets were particularly helpful and that they often have to make custom brackets to mount similar accessories. The install involved removing our existing extra filter and fitting my ARMAX ECU on the new bracketry (same position). 

At the same time, I installed the new Safari ARMAX Oil Separator, which fits neatly between the ARMAX ECU and the brake booster, but I’ll write about that later.

The Safari ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter fits neatly below the ARMAX ECU. Additionally, I like that the Fuel Pre-Filter, ECU and Oil Separator all mount in one corner of the engine bay, leaving space for those that plan to install other accessories in the area.

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The Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter Unique Features


The Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter is a 30-micron primary fuel filter. Primary means it’s positioned in the fuel line before the factory fuel filter. It is a much larger capacity than similar filters, which means it will filter a large volume of contaminants before it becomes restricted and needs changing.

Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 6
Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 20

Based on 30-micron particles, this filter provides 98% particle separation. Based on 300 microns, the filter is also 100% efficient at water separation. This additional filtration gives the factory fuel filter the chance to perform well. And unlike unnecessarily fine micron filters, without potentially restricting fuel flow which can harm performance and economy.

Water Detection

While most additional fuel filters require inspection of a glass window to see if water has entered the filter, the Safari ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter has an electronic sensor. This harness connects to the factory sensor, which means if water is present, the dash light will show.

Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 7
Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 21

If water is detected, it is easy to drain this from the filter using the valve positioned at the base of the filter. This valve can be hand-operated.

Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 8
Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 22

Quality Componentry

The bracketry and filter are high quality and mount firmly. Likewise, the hose and connectors are all of the same standards.

Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 9
Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 23
Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 10
Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 24
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Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 25


Safari recommends replacing the fuel filter at every 10,000km service. I keep two spare filters on hand – one in my shed ready for service and the second in my 4WD if I ever need to replace it on a trip.

The drainage valve relies on a thick rubber o-ring to seal, and it’s good to see the replacement filters come with a replacement o-ring to ensure this seal doesn’t degrade over time.

Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 12
Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter 26


The Safari Armax Fuel Pre-Filter is currently available for the 70 Series LandCruiser and models to suit the 200 Series LandCruiser, and popular ute models will follow.To learn more, visit Safari 4×4 Engineering

Safari ARMAX System

With the ARMAX ECU, ARMAX Clutch, ARMAX Snorkel and now ARMAX Oil Separator and ARMAX Fuel Pre-Filter, Safari 4×4 Engineering now manufacture the most comprehensive range of engine performance and protection accessories for the 70 Series LandCruiser.

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