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When it comes to sleeping mats comfort is a deal breaker. The key difference between this mat and it’s self inflating counterparts is how it’s put together. Sea to Summit pioneered a dual layer system to make their lightweight hiking mats more comfy. Simply put there are two valves to pump up – there’s a base layer of air which most people seem to inflate firmer for support, and a top layer of air that can be tuned for comfort. 

For the Comfort Deluxe Air Mat Sea to Summit have carried over this technology which makes this mat at least as comfortable as the best of the self inflating options on the market. 

Comfort Deluxe 1
Comfort Deluxe 2
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This mat really comes into it’s own as a space saver. It offers full size comfort at a fraction of the stow size. The packed size is diameter 14 x 26cm (large 15 x 26cm). Below the Comfort Deluxe Air is bottom right, as compared to a Sea to Summit Ultralight Mat, a one litre water bottle and a Sea to Summit Self Inflating Mat.

Inflated the regular mat measures 186 x 64cm and the large 202 x 64cm and they are both 8cm thick. The insulated used is Thermolite and the mats R-value is 5.

Comfort Deluxe 4

Even with a full sized base camp tent a couple of standard mats often takes up more cargo space than the tent! These mats free up some valuable storage space.

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Comfort Deluxe 6

Lots of people are using self inflating mats to add comfort to swags too. By replacing the standard mattress with one of these mats instead most swags will pack down incredibly small. Rolled small it gives you the option to get them off the roof for those wanting to reduce wind drag, and get their swag out of the dust and wet.

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While we’d still hike with our smaller mats, the Comfort Deluxe Air is small enough to pop in a hatch or dry bag for luxurious canoe, sea kayak or boat camping trips.

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Comfort Deluxe 10

Sea to Summit are renowned for their detailed design work. Along with the dual air layers and air sprung cells pioneered for their hiking mats, the top of this deluxe version has a 40D soft stretch knit – it’s soft touch and quiet too.

The design team’s attention has also extended to the pump. While sack style pumps are not new, Sea to Summit have integrated this in to the mat’s storage bag. If you haven’t used this style of pump before they’re great – you simply connect the pump valve to the mattress and then shake air into the bag, and squeeze it into the mattress. It’s really quick.

Air mats also pack up much quicker than the self inflating style. Once the valves out the air simply spills out, there’s no foam trying to keep it inflated.

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For more information visit Sea to Summit.

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