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Sea to Summit PFD

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May 133 minute read

Whether paddling is you’re thing, or it’s merely a means to cast your fly into positions that land-dwellers can only dream of, if you do end up in the drink you’ll want to be wearing a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). 

Sea To Summit Pfd 1

The quiet of tranquil waters is undeniable. While being near them is one thing, gliding across them is altogether something again.

Sea To Summit Pfd 2

For best intentions not to slide, PFDs have got to be comfy. The Sea to Summit Fishing PFD is a non-restrictive shape, and it’s made from slim and soft foam.

Sea To Summit Pfd 3

The two large front pockets are deep gusseted. They swallow snacks, fishing gear and sunscreen – it’s another good incentive to wear it.

These PFDs are easy on and off using the three front quick release buckles. They are also one size fits most adults using large adjustment sliders at the top and sides, the same adjusters used to make the jacket firm against your body.

Sea To Summit Pfd 4

The Sea to Summit Fishing PFD meets Australian Standards for safety. It’s a PFD Type 2 under AS4758 to be exact.

It’s worth remembering that PFDs in general only work well when cinched up snug, otherwise they slide up when we hit the water.

Sea To Summit Pfd 5

The outer layer of PFDs bears the brunt of heavy use, and in this one Sea to Summit use a durable 600D Polyester.

Sea To Summit Pfd 6

Wearing PFDs can be a bit like bike helmets, but find one that’s comfortable for you, use it to stow gear like keys and snacks, and it will become habit in no time.

Sea To Summit Pfd 7
Sea To Summit Pfd 8

Words Mike Collister. Photographs Mike and Gen Collister.

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Mike Collister has spent his life outdoors. He has represented Australia as a slalom kayaker, guided whitewater expeditions in Nepal, and taught outdoor education and wilderness medicine. He’s paddled the Kimberley’s Fitzroy River in the wet season and across the Bass Strait and is an avid photographer, overlander and camper.